october 2021, arsenal cinema

And Life Goes On – Abbas Kiarostami Retrospective

Director Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016) is the most significant representative of modern Iranian cinema and one of the most respected auteurs worldwide. He also received considerable international acclaim as a painter, photographer, and poet. His early films have only recently been restored and become available with English subtitles, which we are taking as the impetus to present a comprehensive retrospective of his oeuvre in October.

The retrospective was curated by Anke Leweke and will be accompanied by introductions and video messages from friends and colleagues of Kiarostami’s from Iran. We are also happy to welcome David Streiff, former director of the Locarno Film Festival, Kiarostami’s translator and artistic collaborator Massoumeh Lahidji, and director Mani Haghighi. On October 10th, a short film program of Kiarostami’s films will be show as part of the Sunday afternoon program for children and their families "Big Cinema, Small Cinema".


october 2021, arsenal cinema

arsenal 3: Abbas Kiarostami + Retrospective Angelika Levi

On October, we are showing films on arsenal 3 that put a spotlight on Abbas Kiarostami and his filmmaking. The program is supplemented by video messages and introductions that will also be shown in the cinema before individual films. Amir Naderi, Jafar Panahi, Mahmood Kalari, Seifollah Samadian, Leila Hatami, Taranhe Aidoosti, Kanako Hayashi, and Asghar Farhadi – colleagues, collaborators, actors – all give accounts of their relationship to Kiarostami’s films.

In addition, we continue the retrospective of Angelika Levi's films since 1983 on arsenal 3 after the presentation of the digitally restored version of Angelika Levi’s MEIN LEBEN at Archival Assembly #1.

october 2021, arsenal cinema

Film Restored 
– The Film Heritage Festival: "Cinematic Migrations"

Experiences of escape and migration are not only part of reality but also of 125 years of film history. They are reflected in the biographies, production conditions and stories told by the cinema. Called "Cinematic Migrations", the sixth edition of Film Restored running from November 3-7 features 18 programs that focus on the many international connections between escape, emigration and film history.

arsenal cinema: New French Cinema

07:00 pm Cinema 1

La fille et le fleuve

La fille et le fleuve
The Girl and the River Aurélia Georges France 2014
DCP OV/EnS 65 min

arsenal cinema: KinoPolska: Guest Jakub Czekaj

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Wojna światów

*Wojna światów Piotr Szulkin
Poland 1981 With Krystyna Janda, Jerzy Stuhr
35 mm OV/GeS 95 min

Introduced by Jakub Czekaj
arsenal cinema: New French Cinema

08:30 pm Cinema 1

Le parc

Le parc The Park Damien Manivel France 2016
DCP OV/EnS 71 min