september 2021, arsenal cinema

Against all odds
 – Tribute to the Japanese screenwriters Yoko Mizuki and Sumie Tanaka

Bar owners, saleswomen, secretaries, geishas, housewives, mothers, daughters; many of the films made by Mikio Naruse in the early 1950s focus on women. Women of different ages, who live in modest conditions, have difficult family set-ups or are at turning points. Women who often suffer from loneliness and struggle to earn respect, self-determination, independence and their place in a rapidly changing post-war Japan. They make for complex and sometimes contradictory protagonists, who are finely depicted with a precise and sympathetic gaze but also one that has no illusions. Many of these female characters – for example in MESHI (Repast, 1951), YAMA NO OTO (Sound of the Mountain, 1954), BANGIKU (Late Chrysanthemums, 1954) and UKIGUMO (Floating Clouds, 1955) – came to life in the screenplays and literary adaptations of the two most important female screenwriters of the time, Yoko Mizuki (1910–2003) and Sumie Tanaka (1908–2000). The two were exceptional beings in the Japanese film industry, in which for a long time, women – apart from actresses – were tolerated at best in the areas of make-up and costume. They established themselves in the early 1950s and each wrote between 30 and 40 screenplays into the 1960s, including for Kozaburo Yoshimura and Kinuyo Tanaka (Sumie Tanaka) and Tadashi Imai, Masaki Kobayashi and Kon Ichikawa (Yoko Mizuki). The start of their careers was marked by repeated collaboration with Mikio Naruse. We present eight films that represent this successful period of work, which was formative for all three participants.

september 2021, arsenal cinema

“The gatekeepers exist to be overthrown.” 
Amos Vogel – Repeats and Responses

Amos Vogel (1921–2012) would have turned 100 this year and many are taking this as an occasion to honor this pioneer of independent film culture and the film club movement. So too does our program "The gatekeepers exist to be overthrown." Amos Vogel – Repeats and Responses, which was additionally inspired by Arsenal’s friendship with the cineaste and his wife Marcia that dated back to the institution’s founding years in the mid-1960s.

The first part of the programm, showing from September 23-30, is dedicated to Cinema 16, which Vogel understood as a collective emancipatory adventure. The second part will take place between 8th and 15th November. The program, curated by Tobias Hering, will continue into 2022.

september 2021, arsenal cinema

arsenal 3 – Archival Assembly and Retrospective Angelika Levi

At the Archival Assembly #1 festival, one part of the program will be shown on arsenal 3. The films will be made available from the day after they screen in the cinema until mid-September.

In addition, we are showing a retrospective of Angelika Levi's films since 1983 on arsenal 3 after the presentation of the digitally restored version of Angelika Levi’s MEIN LEBEN at Archival Assembly #1.

september 2021, transfer

Big Cinema, Small Cinema #43: Repeat of Cinema 16’s “The Children’s Cinema #1”

The revival of Cinema 16's first "Children's Cinema" program from 1958 traces a historical trail also followed by Big Cinema, Small Cinema, a program in which children watch experimental cinema over and over again. In Lotte Reiniger’s silhouette film THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER (1954), a grasshopper gets insects to dance in a meadow of flowers. In PARADE (1952), Charles and Ray Eames create a musical pageant with colorful backdrops: Kinetic toys, richly decorated puppets, and papier-mâché figures come to life. Shirley Clarke’s IN PARIS PARKS (1954) takes us to real locations and follows children playing in picturesque parks. A rush of color is guaranteed by Len Lye's partially hand-painted film RAINBOW DANCE (1936), which shows a dancer on the move. In THE BALLOONATIC (1923), the comic Buster Keaton is put to the test on water, land and in the air. For all those aged five and above. (9/26) (sts)

september 2021, distribution news

Out Now: "Victoria"

On September 2, arsenal distribution is releasing VICTORIA by Sofie Benoot, Liesbeth De Ceulaer and Isabelle Tollenaere, which won the Berlinale Forum's Caligari Award in 2020.

To accompany the cinema release, filmmakers Liesbeth De Ceulaer and Isabelle Tollenaere will be touring trough selected cinemas and towns. In Berlin, they will present the film on September 3 at the fsk-Kino.


august 2021, berlinale forum

New Team at Forum Expanded

After 16 editions as head of Forum Expanded, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus will pass the mantle onto new hands in September. She founded the Berlinale section in 2006 together with Anselm Franke — then lead curator at the KW - Institute for Contemporary Art, and today the director of Fine Arts and Film at Haus der Kulturen der Welt — who will also be leaving the selection team.

The new heads of Forum Expanded will be Ulrich Ziemons, who has been on the selection team of Forum Expanded since 2012, and artist and curator Ala Younis.

Maha Maamoun will stay on the selection team, and be joined by two new members: curator Karina Griffith, and Shai Heredia, founding director of the Experimenta in Bangalore, India.

As the co-director of Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst, which is responsible for Forum and Forum Expanded as a component of the Berlinale, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus will remain connected with the work of the new team.

arsenal cinema: Harun Farocki Workshop for Schools III

10:00 am Cinema 1



Nicht löschbares Feuer

Gegen-Musik Harun Farocki Germany 2004 Digital file 23 min
Musik-Video Harun Farocki Germany 2000 DV 1 min
Nicht löschbares Feuer Harun Farocki FRG 1969 16 mm 23 min

Moderated by Eunice Martins & Laura Mello Please register at:
arsenal cinema: Cinepoetics Lecture #4: Erica Carter: Spectres of colonial whiteness

05:00 pm Cinema 1

Le malentendu colonial

Le malentendu colonial The Colonial Misunderstanding
Jean-Marie Teno Cameroon/Germany/France 2004 35 mm OV/EnS 78 min

arsenal cinema: Cinepoetics Lecture #4: Erica Carter: Spectres of colonial whiteness

07:00 pm

Vortrag von Erica Carter

Lecture by Erica Carter (King’s College London): "Spectres of colonial whiteness"
In English language Admission free
Venue: Veranstaltungsraum Deutsche Kinemathek, on the 4th floor of the Filmhaus

arsenal cinema: The DEFA Foundation Presents

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Der Fackelträger

Der Fackelträger Johannes Knittel GDR 1955
DCP 81 min

Ralf Jesse (Eurotape Media Services) in conversation with René Pikarski
arsenal cinema: New French Cinema

07:30 pm Cinema 1

Le bois dont les rêves sont faits

Le bois dont les rêves sont faits The Woods Dreams Are Made of
Claire Simon France/Switzerland 2015 DCP OV/EnS 144 min

arsenal cinema: The DEFA Foundation Presents

09:00 pm Cinema 2

Tanz am Sonnabend – Mord

Tanz am Sonnabend – Mord Heinz Thiel GDR 1961
DCP 86 min

Ralf Jesse (Eurotape Media Services) in conversation with René Pikarski