april 2019, arsenal cinema

Life at Any Price –
 Bo Widerberg Retrospective

Passionate rebellion and his desperate need to tell stories at any cost brought him to film, realizing his vision of a cinema combining social engagement and romantic devotion in his 13 features, shaping, examining, and celebrating humankind’s struggle for a dignified, self-determined life in great images of tremendous clarity: Swedish filmmaker Bo Widerberg (1930–1997) left behind a shimmering, multi-faceted oeuvre and was already regarded as one of the most important Swedish directors alongside Ingmar Bergman and Victor Sjöström in his lifetime. Unlike them, however, his work is hardly known outside his home country.

The retrospective runs from April 12–28.

april 2019, arsenal cinema

Magical History Tour: Clothes in Motion – Costumes, Styles and Fashion in Film

This month's Magical History Tour invites audiences to take a look into the studios of international costume-makers, fashion designers and artists from seven decades: White suits, red shoes, black coasts, dark sunglasses – there is many a piece of clothing or accessory to be found over the course of film history that seems to encapsulate an entire film, even outside of its immediate context. Yet even before costumes attain this iconic status, they tell stories within the film, give their wearers new life, conceal hidden depths, create atmospheres, and leave their mark on the look, texture, and often even the soundtrack of films. The dramatic, narrative, and psychological function of costumes in film is undisputed, as is their influence on the zeitgeists, fashion trends, and styles which they call into existence, play a role in, and launch.

april 2019, berlinale forum

Cinema Release: "La Casa Lobo"

arsenal distribution is releasing LA CASA LOBO (The Wolf House, Chile 2018) by Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña as of April 4. The film is the winner of last year's Caligari award, which enables director Cristóbal León to go on tour with it through cinemas across Germany.

arsenal cinema: 50 years of dffb

06:30 pm Cinema 1

Der Bauer auf dem Parkdeck

Flug in Gefahr

Das Frühstück

Unser Mann im All

Man müsste Räuber sein oder zumindest Sprengmeister

*Der Bauer auf dem Parkdeck Harry Rag FRG 1983 35 mm 3 min
*Flug in Gefahr Ludger Blanke FRG 1987 16 mm 8 min
*Das Frühstück Christoph Willems FRG 1987 16 mm 27 min
*Unser Mann im All Michael Freerix Germany 1991 16 mm 24 min
Man müsste Räuber sein oder zumindest Sprengmeister
Jan Bachmann Germany 2015 DCP 25 min

Michael Freerix in person
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour: Excess and opulence

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Iwan Grosnyi II

*Iwan Grosnyi IIIvan Grozniy part 2
Sergei M. Eisenstein USSR 1943–46/1958
35 mm OV/GeS 85 min

arsenal cinema: 50 years of dffb

09:00 pm Cinema 1

Die Sonne kommt

Sich nennen


*Die Sonne kommt Georg Maas FRG 1988 16 mm 24 min
*Sich nennen Stephan Settele FRG 1990 16 mm 21 min
*Cannae Wolfgang Schmidt FRG 1989 16 mm 52 min

Stephan Settele and Wolfgang Schmidt in person