september 2020, arsenal cinema

It goes on...

From this month on, we will be screening films again on a daily basis albeit in one cinema only, Arsenal 1. In line with the new hygiene concept of the state of Berlin, our cinema now has a maximum capacity of 119 (increasing from 69 previously). To make up for the related reduction in mimumum distance, cinemagoers are requested to keep on their masks also while seated in the cinema. And yet, what better place could there be for Michael Mann’s thrillers and action films, most of which were shot in widescreen, to unfold. While Arsenal 2 has to remain closed for reasons of cost unfortunately, we have revamped our virtual cinema arsenal 3, which will in future relate directly to our institution's activities: the cinema program, Arsenal Distribution and Living Archive, our archival practice based on participation and production. From September 15th to 30th, we dedicating the space to our symposium

and the filmmakers Navina Sundaram, Harun Farocki and Sohrab Shahid Saless, who worked closely with NDR, WDR and ZDF.
september 2020, arsenal cinema

The Professional – Michael Mann Retrospective

The author, director and producer Michael Mann (*1943) is one of the most outstanding US filmmakers of our time. Over the past four decades, he has set new standards in genre cinema with his artistic expression and precise craft. His visually ambitious films, often made in collaboration with the cameraman Dante Spinotti, are characterized by a joyful enthusiasm for movement, an exposed dramaturgy of colors and a particular feel for music. Because of his intensive preparatory work, meticulous research and perfectionism, Mann has frequently been compared to Stanley Kubrick. A central theme of his work is professional ethos; and the definition of people through their jobs, the relationship between work and morals, between work and masculinity, as well as solitude and loneliness, are recurring motifs Arsenal is showing all 12 of Mann's films from September 11-30.

august 2020, transfer

Back Again: Kinozauber

Kinozauber, Arsenal’s film education project for pre-school children, kicked off again: Now that the new school year has started, the artists of Arsenal Filmatelier will finally be able to continue their cooperation with EKT Regenbogen-Kidz and also expand the project to two more kindergartens. The project involves groups of pre-school children making several visits to Arsenal to watch experimental shorts from our collection and engage creatively with aspects such as light, shadow, color, sound, film material and projection.

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour - Cinema in the Plural

08:00 pm Cinema 2

Warnung vor einer heiligen Nutte

Warnung vor einer heiligen Nutte
Rainer Werner Fassbinder FRG 1971
35 mm 103 min

arsenal cinema: Film in the Present Tense

08:30 pm Cinema 1


Family Dinners

Bertha's Children

Merce Cunningham. First Performance of Stillness (in Three Movements) to John Cage's Composition 4'3'' with Trevor Carlson, New York City, 28 April 2007

Roslyn Romance (is it really true?)

Optic Nerve

Naissance #2

I am Micro

The Watchmen

Shape Shifting




1. Part: Past Imperfect – Introduced by Marc Toscano
Anselmo Chick Strand USA 1967 16 mm 4 min
Family Dinners James Otis USA 1997 16 mm 7 min
Bertha's Children Roberta Friedman, Grahame Weinbren
USA 1976 16 mm 6 min
Merce Cunningham. First Performance of Stillness (in Three Movements) to John Cage's Composition 4'33'' with Trevor Carlson, New York City, 28 April 2007
Tacita Dean USA 2007 16 mm 4 min
Roslyn Romance (is it really true?) Bruce Baillie USA 1976 16 mm 16 min
Optic Nerve Barbara Hammer USA 1985 16 mm 16 min
Naissance #2 John Price Canada 2012 35 mm 12 min
2. Part: The Elastic Now – Introduced by Peter Taylor, Philip Widmann, Ulrich Ziemons
I am Micro Shumona Goel, Shai Heredia India 2012 35 mm 15 min
The Watchmen Fern Silva USA 2017 35 mm 10 min
Shape Shifting Elke Marhöfer, Mikhail Lylov Germany/Japan 2014 DCP 16 min
Black Anouk De Clercq Belgium 2015 35 mm 5 min
Droga! Miko Revereza USA/Philippines 2014 Digital file 8 min
Cilaos Camilo Restrepo France 2016 DCP 13 min