april 2019, arsenal cinema

Life at Any Price –
 Bo Widerberg Retrospective

Passionate rebellion and his desperate need to tell stories at any cost brought him to film, realizing his vision of a cinema combining social engagement and romantic devotion in his 13 features, shaping, examining, and celebrating humankind’s struggle for a dignified, self-determined life in great images of tremendous clarity: Swedish filmmaker Bo Widerberg (1930–1997) left behind a shimmering, multi-faceted oeuvre and was already regarded as one of the most important Swedish directors alongside Ingmar Bergman and Victor Sjöström in his lifetime. Unlike them, however, his work is hardly known outside his home country.

The retrospective runs from April 12–28.

april 2019, arsenal cinema

Magical History Tour: Clothes in Motion – Costumes, Styles and Fashion in Film

This month's Magical History Tour invites audiences to take a look into the studios of international costume-makers, fashion designers and artists from seven decades: White suits, red shoes, black coasts, dark sunglasses – there is many a piece of clothing or accessory to be found over the course of film history that seems to encapsulate an entire film, even outside of its immediate context. Yet even before costumes attain this iconic status, they tell stories within the film, give their wearers new life, conceal hidden depths, create atmospheres, and leave their mark on the look, texture, and often even the soundtrack of films. The dramatic, narrative, and psychological function of costumes in film is undisputed, as is their influence on the zeitgeists, fashion trends, and styles which they call into existence, play a role in, and launch.

april 2019, berlinale forum

Cinema Release: "La Casa Lobo"

arsenal distribution is releasing LA CASA LOBO (The Wolf House, Chile 2018) by Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña as of April 4. The film is the winner of last year's Caligari award, which enables director Cristóbal León to go on tour with it through cinemas across Germany.

arsenal cinema: Big Cinema, Small Cinema #24

04:00 pm Cinema 1


What Mozart Saw on Mulberry Street

Wenn ich erst zur Schule geh...

Rose for Red

*Aufsätze Peter Nestler FRG 1963 DCP 11 min
*What Mozart Saw on Mulberry Street
Rudy Burckhardt & Joseph Cornell USA 1956 16 mm 6 min
*Wenn ich erst zur Schule geh... Winfried Junge GDR 1961 35 mm 13 min
*Rose for Red Diana Wilson USA 1980 16 mm without dialogue 2 min

Moderated by Ute Aurand and Robert Beavers For everyone ages 6 and above
arsenal cinema: Vaginal Davis presents Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome followed by Late Night Fermentation Salon by Wu Tsang

06:00 pm

White Christmas

*White Christmas Harun Farocki FRG 1968
16 mm OV 4 min
White Christmas Michael Curtiz USA 1954
DCP OV 120 min
+ Late Night Fermentation Salon
At Gropius Bau

Presented by Vaginal Davis and guests Screening and Salon: 25 € (for Arsenal members 22 €), Screening only: 8 € (for Arsenal members 5 €) Online tickets at www.gropiusbau.de and at the box office at Gropius Bau
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour - Theatre and Film

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Vanya on 42nd Street

*Vanya on 42nd Street Louis Malle
USA 1994 With Julianne Moore, Wallace Shawn
35 mm OV 120 min

arsenal cinema: Leo McCarey Retrospective

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Once Upon a Honeymoon

Once Upon a Honeymoon USA 1942
With Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Walter Slezak
35 mm OV 115 min
Preserved by the Library of Congress