november 2020, arsenal cinema

Temporary Closure

According to the guidelines of the Berlin Senate on further precautionary measures against the spread of the Corona virus, the Arsenal is cancelling all cinema screenings from November 2 to 30. We hope to welcome you back in December - please visit our website and social media channels for further information.

november 2020, living archive

arsenal 3: November Program

The program of our virtual cinema arsenal 3 makes direct reference to the activities carried out by our institution: the program of the Arsenal 1 & 2 cinemas at Potsdamer Platz, the titles that form part of our arsenal distribution range, or our Living Archive archival practice, which is rooted in both participation and production. In November we will show two programs. "Why an Archive?" presents independent archives from Guangzhou/Beijing and Hong Kong.

To coincide with the presentation of Sandra Schäfer's book "Moments of Rupture: Space, Militancy & Film"on 1.12., several of her works are showing on arsenal 3.

arsenal cinema: Ula Stöckl Retrospective

06:00 pm Cinema 1


Ein ganz perfektes Ehepaar

Großküche Ula Stöckl FRG 1964 DVD 1 min
*Ein ganz perfektes Ehepaar Ula Stöckl FRG 1974
With Doris Kunstmann, Gerd Baltus, Susanne Schaefer 16 mm 90 min

Ula Stöckl in person, Moderated by Diana Kluge
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour
 – Lost Films Found

08:00 pm Cinema 2

Touch of Evil

Touch of Evil Orson Welles USA 1958
Reconstructed version by Walter Murch
DCP OV 111 min

arsenal cinema: Ula Stöckl Retrospective

08:15 pm Cinema 1

Musiker Weber

Der Schlaf der Vernunft

Musiker Weber Ula Stöckl FRG 1963 DVD 2 min
Der Schlaf der Vernunft Ula Stöckl FRG 1984 35 mm 82 min

Ula Stöckl in person, Moderated by Gabriele Brunnenmeyer