october 2019, arsenal cinema

Spring on the Korean Peninsula: Korean Cinema 1934–1962

The first ever Korean film production – Uirijeuk gutu (The Righteous Revenge, Kim Do-san) – was shown in Korean cinemas in 1919. To coincide with the 100-year anniversary of Korean cinema, we are showing a program curated by Sulgi Lie and Ansgar Vogt from October 17 - 31, which sets its sights on the largely unknown first period of Korean film history. It presents eleven films made between 1934 and 1962 – before the final consolidation of the South Korean film industry in the early 60s – on the Korean peninsula. Few films were made in Korea under Japanese colonial rule (1910–1945). During the Korean War (1950–1953), significant parts of the Korean film industry were also destroyed. What is preserved and still accessible from early Korean film heritage impresses due to its diverse spectrum of different genres, moving between melodrama, coming-of-age stories, war films, comedies, and film noirs. The connecting element between the films in the program is their often highly independent female characters, who attempt to claim their autonomy against social repressions of all kinds.

october 2019, arsenal cinema

Film:ReStored_04. The Film Heritage Festival

This year’s edition of the film heritage festival “Film:ReStored”, running from October 24-27, is dedicated to film sound. Examples from sonic film history stemming from gramophone records to four-channel magnetic sound as well as digital technologies that seek to come as close as possible to original noises are to be presented. Films that survive in different sound versions also represent a sound-related problem at a different level. One example here are Hans Richter’s experimental silent films from the 20s, for which he also created soundtracks later on. Audio descriptions for the visually impaired are a special kind of soundtrack and are increasingly often available for historical films too. Examples of successful audio descriptions will be presented and can be experienced by the audience.

october 2019, arsenal cinema

Magical History Tour:
 Of Forms and Figures – Choreographies in Film

People arranged in space, the orchestration of objects, even compositions of facial expressions or gestures – sequences of movements that merge into cinematic choreographies appear in a wide range of forms and in nearly all genres. Even if dancing doesn’t always take place directly, they always contain some element of dance: choreographies in film create rhythm, abstraction, stylization, visual spaces, and webs of relationships, reflect stasis and movement, forge an often physical cinema.

october 2019, transfer

Seven Things that Happened While You Were Sleeping: Reflecting on Traces, Documents and Archives

The archive — traditionally defined as a repository or ordered system of documents — has incessantly played a significant role in the construction of historical knowledge. Manifesting itself in various forms of traces, it remains until today the primary site for storing, retrieving and interpreting the past. But how could the archive account for all the moments that have not been recorded, the moments of which there has not been a physical trace as such?

The 10-week workshop is participatory, discussion-based, multi-disciplinary and open to artists, writers and researchers with interest and/or experience in the subject matter. Sessions will start on October 15 and will take place weekly through December 17 every Tuesday from 6pm to 9pm at silent green Kulturquartier.

october 2019, berlinale forum

New Cinema Releases: "Bait" and "Weitermachen Sanssouci"

arsenal distribution is releasing Mark Jenkin's BAIT as of October 24. The film received its world premiere as part of this year's Forum programme, where it was hailed by audiences and critics alike.

Another contribution to this year's Forum, WEITERMACHEN SANSSOUCI by Max Linz, will be released simultaneously by Filmgalerie 451.

arsenal cinema: Big Cinema, Small Cinema #25

04:00 pm Cinema 1

Spook Sport

Ah! La barbe

A Chairy Tale

Bewitched Matches

Mme. Croquemitaine


*Spook Sport Mary Ellen Bute, Norman McLaren USA 1939 16 mm 8 min
*Ah! La barbe Der lästige Bart Segundo de Chomón F 1905 16 mm silent 2 min
*A Chairy Tale Norman McLaren, Claude Jutra Canada 1957 35 mm Music 10 min
*Bewitched Matches Behexte Zündhölzer Emile Cohl F 1903 35 mm 3 min
*Mme. Croquemitaine Die böse Hexe Georges Denola F 1909 35 mm 5 min
*Vormittagsspuk Hans Richter Germany 1928 16 mm Music 6 min

Moderated by Stefanie Schlüter For everyone ages 5 and up
arsenal cinema: Following the sun – Mikhail Kalik retrospective

06:00 pm Cinema 1

Diskussion: Das Werk Michail Kaliks zwischen Tauwetter und Exilkino

Panel discussion: The Oeuvre of Mikhail Kalik - Between Thaw Period and Exile Cinema

With Erika and Ulrich Gregor, Christoph Huber, Anna Malgina, Barbara Wurm In English language Free admission
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour
 – Staging spaces

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Tokyo monogatari

Tokyo monogatari Tokyo Story
Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1953 With Chisu Ryu, Setsuko Hara
DCP OV/German and French ST 136 min

arsenal cinema: Following the sun – Mikhail Kalik retrospective

07:30 pm Cinema 1

I woswraschajetsja weter …

Neotprawlennoe pismo w Moskwu

I vosvrashayetsya veter ... And The Wind Returns
USSR/USA 1991 35 mm OV/GeS 133 min
Showing first: Neotpravlennoe pismo v moskvu Unsent Letter to Moscow
Israel 1977 16 mm OV/GeS 32 min