march 2021, arsenal cinema

arsenal 3 in March: Films from the Sensory Ethnography Lab

The Sensory Ethnography Lab (SEL) at Harvard University, directed by Lucien Castaing-Taylor, is one of today's most interesting production facilities for documentary film and cinematographic research, where social and natural sciences enter into a subtle relationship with analogue and digital media art. Sound and image become the seismographs of a physical experiential world inhabited by people, animals and spirits. In March, the arsenal 3 streaming platform will present six of the films made between 2009 and 2017 that are in our distribution range and were shown in the Forum and Forum Expanded at the Berlinale.

march 2021, arsenal cinema

arsenal 3 in March: Odd Ones Out – Films from the archive of the Short Film Festival Oberhausen whose histories have not yet been written

The archive of the Short Film Festival Oberhausen is a “prize-winners’ archive,” meaning that the prints' existence in this archive is generally thanks to their having been awarded a festival prize, whether by the International Jury or one of the independent juries considered to be significant. Having a place in the archive was not, however, a guarantee of lasting attention. While some of those film prints remained in circulation, at least temporarily, on the programs of film clubs or educational institutions, and others were shown in retrospectives to represent milestones in the festival’s history, others stayed largely unnoticed.

The running card of each film print provides information about how often it was borrowed and shown, and by whom. If a film had a commercial distributor or was distributed by a national film archive, the Oberhausen print was usually one among many and was rather irrelevant to the afterlife of that film. It is different, of course, if the print archived in Oberhausen was one of only a few of that film, or if it became a unique specimen over the years due to losses elsewhere or the conversion of other institutions to digital formats.


march 2021, berlinale forum

FIPRESCI Prize for "Esquí"

This year's prize of the International Federation of Film Critics ("Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique", FIPRESCI) goes to ESQUÍ by Manque La Banca.

The jury consisted of Dieter Wieczorek (France), Lucy Virgen (Mexico) and Ramy Hassan Aldelrazek (Egypt). Their statement reads:

march 2021, berlinale forum

Forum 50 in Recife

From March 6–10, 2021, the "Janela internacional de cinema do Recife" (Brazil) is showing a selection of films from Berlinale Forum's first edition in 1971.

february 2021, berlinale forum

The Forum Programme Is Now Online

The Forum und Forum Expanded programmes will be shown for members of the film industry during the European Film Market (March 1–5) and will be screened in cinemas for the public from June 10–20, 2021. All information on the films and installations is now online and can be found here for the Forum and here for the Forum Expanded.

february 2021, berlinale forum

51st Berlinale Forum: Slaloming between Fiction and Documentary

Work, love, friendship, cinema: today, all these things have to be managed very differently than a year ago. The certainties we were still able to rely on in autumn 2019 have become porous. In other parts of the world where such uncertainties are part of everyday life, people may well be more practised in dealing with them. In a Western Europe geared to planning and feasibility, we still need to get used to a situation reminiscent of an agility workshop on a permanent loop. Whoever manages to shoot and finish a film under these conditions deserves great respect.

The 17-film selection that makes up the 51st Berlinale Forum focuses on works that deal with uncertainties in the world outside by embracing unpredictability in their plots and structures. It gives preference to the fragile over the proven, with more space dedicated to filmmakers at the start of their careers than their more established colleagues.

february 2021, berlinale forum

16th Forum Expanded: The Days Float Through My Eyes

The sudden coincidence of stagnation and change which we are currently experiencing has changed our idea of time and space—and thus also cinema. This affects both how the selected works will be seen as well as this year’s festival format, which is split into two and takes place on the Internet, inside and outside. The Forum Expanded film selection consists of four short film programmes, one medium-length film and two feature-length films, with a total of 18 films to be shown in March. Eight installations will also be shown in June.

This represents an experiment for Forum Expanded, which is organised by Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art and is positioning itself at the place where cinema meets other areas of art and society for the 16th time. This year’s title "The Days Float Through My Eyes" is taken from the song "Changes" by David Bowie. Upon its release 50 years ago, it was referring to his image as a musician, which wasn’t changing at the same tempo as his shifting identity. Since last year, artists and filmmakers worldwide have been slowed down so much that their very existence is under threat in many cases. Even if the programme of the 16th Forum Expanded is also smaller than usual due to the pandemic, we would still like to declare our solidarity with them all.

february 2021, edition

Arsenal Publishes Three Works on the Films of Med Hondo with Archive Books

The release of three publications on the work of filmmaker Med Hondo, who died in March 2019, marks the conclusion of the exhibition, festival and book project “Cours, cours, camarade, le vieux monde est derrière toi – Run, comrade, run, the old world is behind you – The Cinema of Med Hondo,” organized by Arsenal and curated by Enoka Ayemba, Marie-Hélène Gutberlet and Brigitta Kuster.

The two books and an e-publication, comprising an integral part of the overall project, are based on and expand upon a variety of events held at Arsenal, Archive Kabinett, SAVVY Contemporary and the silent green Kulturquartier in August 2017. These three publications bring together different perspectives on Med Hondo’s work and include a series of interviews with the filmmaker that have been translated into English for the first time.

Over the course of his long career, Med Hondo not only created films that address decolonization and the history of the African diaspora, developing new artistic means for doing so. He was also equally successful in developing alternatives to European and American production and distribution structures.


arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour
 – Color in Film

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Mies vailla menneisyyttä

Mies vailla menneisyyttä The Man Without A Past
Aki Kaurismäki Finland/Germany/F 2002 35 mm OV/GeS 97 min

arsenal cinema: Berlin Premiere: LA FLOR

08:00 pm Cinema 1

La Flor – Kapitel 1, Akt 2

La Flor – Chapter 1, Act 2 Mariano Llinás
Argentina 2018 DCP OV/EnS 59 min

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour
 – Color in Film

09:15 pm Cinema 1

Il deserto rosso

Il deserto rosso Red desert
Michelangelo Antonioni I/F
1964 With Monica Vitti, Richard Harris, Carlo Chionetti
35 mm OV/EnS 122 min