march 2019, arsenal cinema

Youssef Chahine Again and Forever – A retrospective

In March, Arsenal will be the third cinema to dedicate a program to the great Egyptian director Youssef Chahine after Cairo’s Zawya cinema and the Cinémathèque française in Paris, now that many of his films are available again.

We are delighted to announce that we have been able to acquire well-preserved 35-mm-prints of five of his most important films and will thus have the most extensive analogue accessible collection of Chahine’s oeuvre in Europe.

march 2019, arsenal cinema

Magical History Tour: 
Music, sounds & noises – Sound in Cinema

This month’s Magical History Tour centers on the sounds of audio tracks and invites viewers to listen. Whether sounds are on screen or off, diegetic or not, whether audio arrangements are complex, whether there is overwhelming noise or breathless silence, the audio track—consisting of language, music and sounds—is an integral component of the cinematic experience. It generates an atmosphere or irritates, anticipates or contradicts images, intensifies or smothers. Since the mid-1970s, numerous audio-engineering innovations have facilitated the shaping of highly complex sound architectures. But multilayered, sovereign audio tracks are being created and have been created beyond major productions that deserve our attention and raise important questions pertaining to the relation between image and sound.

march 2019, arsenal cinema

The DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program presents: Ralitza Petrova

After several shorts, the Bulgarian filmmaker Ralitza Petrova (*1976) made her first feature in 2016. In BEZBOG / GODLESS (Bulgaria/Denmark/France), which won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival, the care worker Gana steals and sells her elderly patients’ identity cards. She carries out her tasks mechanically and quietly, betraying no emotion on her face. With precise pictures and atmospheric intensity, the film raises existential questions about human nature. Petrova will also present a film that has had an impact on her artistic development: 4 by Ilya Khrzhanovsky (Russia 2004), which starts off with a discussion in a bar and turns into a nightmarish journey into hell. (20.3.)

february 2019, distribution news

New digitally restored copies at arsenal distribution

Several films presented as part of the Berlinale Forum and Forum Expanded have been digitally restored and are now available at arsenal distribution: EGARO MILE (Eleven Miles, India 1991) and TALES FROM PLANET KOLKATA (India 1993) by Ruchir Joshi, NUESTRA VOZ DE TIERRA, MEMORIA Y FUTURO (Our Voice of Earth, Memory and Future, Columbia 1981) by Marta Rodríguez and Jorge Silva, THE SECOND JOURNEY (TO ULURU) (Australia 1981) by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, TAMBAKU CHAAKILA OOB ALI (India 1982), IDHI KATHA MATRAMENA (India 1983) by Deepa Dhanraj as well as seven Sudanese short films: three by Ibrahim Shaddad – JAGDPARTIE (DDR 1964), JAMAL (Sudan 1981) and AL HABIL 1985 (Sudan 1985) – three by Eltayeb Mahdi – AL DHAREEH (Egypt 1977), AL MAHATTA (Sudan 1989) and ARBA’A MARAT LIL-ATFAL (Sudan 1979) – as well as WA LAKIN ALARDH TADUR (USSR 1978) by Suliman Elnour.

Furthermore, as part of this month’s Youssef Chahine retrospective we have been able to acquire 35 mm prints (with English subtitles) of BAB AL-HADID (Cairo Station, 1958), AL ARD (The Land, 1970), AL ASFOUR (The Sparrow, 1972), ISKINDEREYA … LEH? (Alexandria … Why?, 1979), ISKINDEREYA KAMAN WE KAMAN (Alexandria Again and Forever, 1989) and CAIRO AS SEEN BY CHAHINE (1991). The digital restorations and acquisitions are part of Arsenal’s “Archive außer sich” project.

arsenal cinema: Big Cinema, Small Cinema #27

04:00 pm Cinema 1


Rosalie et Léontine vont au théâtre

Negative Man


Fadenspiele II

How a mosquito operates

*Fluke Emily Breer USA 1985 16 mm 6 min
*Rosalie et Léontine vont au théâtre
Romeo Bosetti F 1911 16 mm 3 min
*Negative Man Cathy Joritz FRG 1985 16 mm 2 min
*PP II M.M. Serra USA 1986 16 mm 1 min
*Fadenspiele II Detel Aurand, Ute Aurand
Germany 2003 16 mm 8 min
*How a mosquito operates Winsor McCay
USA 1912 16 mm 5 min

Short film program and sound workshop for everyone aged 8 and above Sound workshop and moderation: Eunice Martins
arsenal cinema: Public Screening re-selected: American Experimental

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Kustom Kar Kommandos

Oh Dem Watermelons

Glimpse of a Garden

Fog Line

Permanent Wave




Mickey Mouse in Vietnam

All My Life

*Kustom Kar Kommandos Kenneth Anger
USA 1965 16 mm OV 4 min
Oh Dem Watermelons Robert Nelson
USA 1965 16 mm OV 10 min
*Glimpse of a Garden Marie Menken
USA 1957 16 mm OV 5 min
*Fog Line Larry Gottheim
USA 1970 16 mm silent 11 min
*Permanent Wave Anita Thacher
USA 1966 16 mm OV 4 min
*Chumlum Ron Rice USA 1964
16 mm OV 23 min
*Runaway Standish Lawder
USA 1970 16 mm OV 6 min
*Report Bruce Conner USA 1963–67
16 mm OV 13 min
Mickey Mouse in Vietnam Lee Savage
USA 1968 16 mm OV 1 min
*All My Life Bruce Baillie
USA 1966 16 mm OV 3 min

Karola Gramann, Heide Schlüpmann, Christine Noll Brinckmann in person Free admission
arsenal cinema: Youssef Chahine Again and Forever – A retrospective

07:30 pm Cinema 1

Youssef Chahine, subversively politica

Al Asfour

„Youssef Chahine, subversively political“
Lecture by Mathilde Rouxel
In English language
Followed by: *Al Asfour The Sparrow
Egypt/Algeria 1972
With Salah Kabil, Mohsena Tawfiq
35 mm OV/EnS 105 min