january 2020, arsenal cinema

Federico & Marcello – The films of Federico Fellini starring Marcello Mastroianni

Federico Fellini (1920–1993) was one of the most significant personalities of Italian cinema and contributed to film history with his very personal and poetic narrative style. To cele-brate his 100th birthday, the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin is presenting an exhibition entitled “Fellini/Mastroianni/Alter Ego”. Running from 16th January to 29th February, it will feature hitherto unreleased photographs of the director and his favorite actor Marcello Mastroianni. Arsenal will show 35mm prints of the five films that the two friends made to-gether between 1960 and 1987.

january 2020, arsenal cinema

Kenji Mizoguchi Retrospective

In January, we pursue our Kenji Mizoguchi retrospective with nine more films, including some, which are – unjustifiably – less known, as well as works made during the Second World War and in the immediate post-war era. Up to 1945, the Japanese government maintained control over the film industry. After the war, the US occupiers promoted “de-mocracy” and “emancipation” through film. Mizoguchi, for his part, developed a radical and acute criticism of Japan’s rigid social conventions, its patriarchal structures, and the oppression of women early on in his career. However, the harshness and drama of some of the scenes in his post-war films are particularly striking – they are the eloquent expression of the profound uncertainty that prevailed in Japanese society.

january 2020, arsenal cinema

Magical History Tour – Make Them Laugh

“Make them laugh!” – The Lumière brothers seemingly already made this appeal their own: the first laugh in film history can be seen in the short sketch L’arroseur arrosé from 1895. Now, 125 years later, cinema has diversified and amplified, declined and manipulated, laughter, run through all its possible categories and pushed it in infinite different directions. We no longer just laugh at comedies – pars pro toto, one can mention here the classical "comic relief", when tension, fear or grief, all these emotions, reach a highpoint and suddenly dissolve in a moment of laughter. Apart from films by and starring great comics, the program also turns its attention to the apparent (no less amusing) byways of film history and all the many variations of the laugh, whether it stems from liberation or unease, bursts out from the throat or ends up sticking there, or comes across as uncontrollable or cryptic.

december 2019, berlinale forum

The Berlinale Forum and Forum Expanded Present Their 2020 Anniversary Programme

The Berlinale Forum takes place for the 50th time in 2020. In collaboration with Forum Expanded, the section will be presenting the films shown in the year it was founded to celebrate this anniversary. Bringing the 1971 programme back to the big screen offers a way of examining an era as eventful in society as it was in culture. The relationship between the films, their historical context, and our own present day will form the subject of a day of panel discussions on February 27, 2020.

december 2019, berlinale forum

First Works Confirmed for Forum Expanded

Al-Houbut (The Landing) by Akram Zaatari

The selection of the 15th Forum Expanded is nearly complete. Works already con-firmed include new films by Ana Vaz and Akram Zaatari and installations by Filipa César, Kika Thorne, Joe Namy, Forensic Architecture and The Otolith Group.

Following last year’s successful inaugural show at silent green Kulturquartier, this year’s group exhibition will be taking place there at the underground Betonhalle once again.


arsenal cinema: Film:ReStored_04. The Film Heritage Festival

10:00 am Cinema 1

Barrierefreie Tonspuren: Podiumsgespräch

Barrier-free soundtracks: Panel discussion with Anke Nikolai (Producer audio descriptions), Barbara Fickert (Kinoblindgänger gGmbH), Stefanie Eckert (DEFA-Stiftung), Moderation: Jurek Sehrt (Deutsche Kinemathek) in German language

arsenal cinema: Film:ReStored_04. The Film Heritage Festival

02:00 pm Cinema 1

Die Reise nach Sundevit

*Die Reise nach Sundevit Heiner Carow GDR 1966
DCP with open audio description 75 min

arsenal cinema: Film:ReStored_04. The Film Heritage Festival

02:00 pm Cinema 2


*Zwischenzeit Wendländische Filmkooperative FRG 1985
DCP with open audio description 120 min

Introduced by Alexander Fichert (audioskript)
arsenal cinema: Film:ReStored_04. The Film Heritage Festival

04:30 pm Cinema 1

Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle

Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle Werner Herzog FRG 1974
DCP with open audio description 109 min

arsenal cinema: Film:ReStored_04. The Film Heritage Festival

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Es geschah am hellichten Tag

*Es geschah am hellichten Tag Ladislao Vajda CH/FRG/E 1958
DCP with open audio description 99 min

Introduced by Martina Wiemers (Deutsch Hörfilm gGmbH)
arsenal cinema: Spring on the Korean Peninsula: Korean Cinema 1934–1962

09:00 pm Cinema 1

Yeo-pansa/ A Female Judge

Yeo-pansa/ A Female Judge Hong Eun-won
Republic of Korea 1962 DCP OV/EnS 86 min

Introduced by Ansgar Vogt