october 2021, arsenal cinema

And Life Goes On – Abbas Kiarostami Retrospective

Director Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016) is the most significant representative of modern Iranian cinema and one of the most respected auteurs worldwide. He also received considerable international acclaim as a painter, photographer, and poet. His early films have only recently been restored and become available with English subtitles, which we are taking as the impetus to present a comprehensive retrospective of his oeuvre in October.

The retrospective was curated by Anke Leweke and will be accompanied by introductions and video messages from friends and colleagues of Kiarostami’s from Iran. We are also happy to welcome David Streiff, former director of the Locarno Film Festival, Kiarostami’s translator and artistic collaborator Massoumeh Lahidji, and director Mani Haghighi. On October 10th, a short film program of Kiarostami’s films will be show as part of the Sunday afternoon program for children and their families "Big Cinema, Small Cinema".


october 2021, arsenal cinema

arsenal 3: Abbas Kiarostami + Retrospective Angelika Levi

On October, we are showing films on arsenal 3 that put a spotlight on Abbas Kiarostami and his filmmaking. The program is supplemented by video messages and introductions that will also be shown in the cinema before individual films. Amir Naderi, Jafar Panahi, Mahmood Kalari, Seifollah Samadian, Leila Hatami, Taranhe Aidoosti, Kanako Hayashi, and Asghar Farhadi – colleagues, collaborators, actors – all give accounts of their relationship to Kiarostami’s films.

In addition, we continue the retrospective of Angelika Levi's films since 1983 on arsenal 3 after the presentation of the digitally restored version of Angelika Levi’s MEIN LEBEN at Archival Assembly #1.

october 2021, arsenal cinema

The Last City

An archeologist and a weapons designer who knew each other in a former life as a filmmaker and a psychoanalyst meet at an archeological excavation site in the Negev Desert and begin discussing love and war; a conversation they continue in the Israeli city of Be’er Sheva. The film then proceeds with changing actors in changing roles; a round dance that takes us to the cities of Athens, Berlin, Hong Kong, and São Paulo. The characters include an old artist who meets his younger self, a mother who lives with her two grown sons (a priest and a policeman), a Chinese woman and a Japanese woman, a curator and a cosmologist. Their dialogues deal with now-obsolete social taboos, generational conflict, war guilt, and cosmological musings. The architecture of each of the five cities serves as the third participant in the protagonists' dialogues, and completes their philosophical and metaphysical journeys. (PYM Film)

To coincide with the theatrical premiere of the film DIE LETZTE STADT (2020) by Heinz Emigholz, we are showing both the English and German language versions, supplemented by two further films by the director: In STREETSCAPES (2017), we dive into the former lives of two characters who we know from DIE LETZTE STADT, back when one was still a filmmaker (John Erdman) and the other a psychoanalyst (Jonathan Perel). In and in front of buildings by Julio Vilamajó, Eladio Dieste, and finally Arno Brandlhuber, they discuss artistic blockages, creative powers, and the mediating effect of the camera. The film is based on a five-day analytical marathon that Emigholz undertook with trauma specialist Zohar Rubinstein. In DER ZYNISCHE KÖRPER (1991), Emigholz was already examining life processes and creative crises as well as the diverse relationships between eternally-minded architectures and the finite lifetime of the human body. Five people leaf through the notebooks of a deceased publisher’s editor who was their friend: a writer, a photographer, an architect (John Erdman), a graphic artist, and a translator. (21., 23., 26. & 29.10., screenings attended by Heinz Emigholz)

arsenal cinema: Reading Labels in the Dark – Flux and Other Films from the Arsenal Archive

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Zen for Film (Fluxfilm No.1)

Eye Blink (Fluxfilm No. 9)

Four (Fluxfilm No. 16)


Disappearing Music for Face (Fluxfilm No. 4)

Super Smile


One (Fluxfilm No. 14)


Shout (Fluxfilm No. 22)

The Evil Faerie (Fluxfilm No. 25)

Flying Saucey

Faire un effort (Fluxfilm No. 40)

33 Yo-Yo Tricks

*Zen for Film (Fluxfilm No.1) Nam June Paik
USA 1964 16 mm silent 8 min
*Eye Blink (Fluxfilm No. 9) Yoko Ono
USA 1966 16 mm silent 1 min
*Four (Fluxfilm No. 16) Yoko Ono
USA 1966 16 mm silent 6 min
*Syncpoint Isabell Spengler & Larry Peacock
D 2007 Digital OV 4 min
*Disappearing Music for Face (Fluxfilm No. 4)
Shiomi Chieko USA 1966 16 mm silent 11 min
*Super Smile Effie Wu D 2007 DCP silent 5 min
*Waiting Nan Hoover USA 1979 16 mm OV 10 min
*One (Fluxfilm No. 14) Yoko Ono
USA 1966 16 mm silent 5 min
*Fuses Carolee Schneemann
USA 1965–68 16 mm silent 22 min
*Shout (Fluxfilm No. 22) Jeff Perkins & Anthony Cox
USA 1966 16mm silent 2 min
*The Evil Faerie (Fluxfilm No. 25) George Landow
USA 1966 16mm silent 1 min
*Flying Saucey Marie Losier USA 2006
Digital file without dialogue 9 min
*Faire un effort (Fluxfilm No. 40) Ben Vautier
USA 1969 16 mm silent 2 min
*33 Yo-Yo Tricks P. White USA 1981
16 mm without dialogue 8 min

Introduced by Uli Ziemons