arsenal freundeskreis

Communicating international film culture in a lively manner is both the aim and mission of Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art. Working at the point where practice and theory come together, we create a space at Potsdamer Platz for thinking outside of the box in (film) cultural terms. We don’t just focus on independent and experimental film during the Berlinale but during the whole year as well.

We ensure that film history remains dynamic and current by presenting film series with suitable commentary and by distributing cinematic works. As a presentation and reflection platform with links to a whole range of other institutions, we promote dialogue between film, academia and art.
Our various different activities are: arsenal cinema, arsenal collection, arsenal distribution, arsenal edition, arsenal service, arsenal transfer and Berlinale Forum respectively.

With a membership in arsenal freundeskreis you´ll help us communicating Film and video art. We have attractive offers for arsenal freundeskreis members and premium members. Students and filmmakers can also receive additional benefits from memberships.