arsenal 3 – New Concept

The arsenal 3 streaming area – – continues from August 15 with a new concept aimed at expanding Arsenal’s activities in digital space. First set-up last autumn, the streaming service for Arsenal members was abruptly retooled into a publicly accessible virtual cinema at the start of the lockdown in March: by the end of June, seven programs each comprising around 20 films from the Arsenal collection had been screened there, as well as a festival.

arsenal 3 now presents its new concept in parallel to the ongoing programming at the Arsenal cinemas at Potsdamer Platz: as a space for associations, reactions, and footnotes, the future arsenal 3 program will be making reference to the specific activities being carried out by the institution: to the cinema program, but also to our distribution range or archival work. arsenal 3 is a monthly invitation for you to join us on new excursions and digressions; an experiment aimed at further honing the relationship between analogue cinema and digital space. arsenal 3 can no longer be offered for free, however, with access to the screening service now to be charged at a monthly fee of 11€. You can find out more about arsenal 3 and register for the service here: