Exclusive Events

Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art regularly invites freundeskreis members to special exclusive events. The board of directors and the whole Arsenal team would like to get to know our freundeskreis members personally at these events and get talking to them about projects and perspectives both before and after the actual film program.
Additional exclusive offers outside of our special events are also available for freundeskreis members, including a contingent of free tickets for many of the additional events that formed part of the 2011 Berlinale.

Special Events at a Glance

26.9.2010 Exclusive guided tour of the “Being Singular Plural: Moving Images From India” exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin (Unter den Linden 13-15). The exhibition was complemented by a film and discussion season called "Moving Politics – Cinemas from India" put on by Arsenal and curated by Dorothee Wenner and Nicole Wolf.
Drinks were served following the tour before freundeskreis members were given the opportunity to attend a screening of SNAPSHOTS FROM A FAMILY ALBUM (India 2004, English subtitles, 63 min) with an introduction by Nicole Wolf at Arsenal Cinema 1.

A cinematic live performance by Eric de Kuyper with singers Olivia Poppe and Adrian Florin Mirza.

7.10.2009 Introducing the arsenal freundeskreis
Program: the 2009 restored copy of THE RED SHOES (Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, GB 1948) and LINE DESCRIBING A CONE (Anthony McCall, USA 1973), an interactive film sculpture consisting of light and smoke.

Future arsenal freundeskreis events will be announced here.