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Bilder Denken #5 Film, Nature and the Human Perspective. In Conversation with Dane Komljen


Bilder Denken #5

Dane Komljen about AFTERWATER and the new interest in filmic nature (in German)

In recent years, directors have started to turn away from the human perspective. They are employing the camera to take a closer and different gaze at nature, decentering the usual human protagonists.

AFTERWATER takes inspiration from G.E. Hutchinson, the founder of lake studies, and seeks to be fluid like water itself. It invites you not just to watch, but to dive in and under. We talk to Dane Komljen about the inspirations that drove him, the lakes of the Berlin, why young filmmakers in recent years have rediscovered nature, the vicinity of lilac and yellow flowers and how the camera can render their beauty visible.

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