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Bilder Denken #8 Barbara Wurm and Cristina Nord about the Berlinale Forum


Bilder Denken #8

Bilder Denken #8 The new and the old head of Berlinale Forum in conversation: Barbara Wurm and Cristina Nord (55 min, in Englisch)

As of August 1, 2023, the author and curator Barbara Wurm will be taking over as head of the Forum section, which has been part of the Berlinale since 1971 and is independently curated and run by Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art. Wurm succeeds Cristina Nord, who is returning to the Goethe-Institut after four years.

"Bilder Denken" host Valie Djordjevic sat down with Cristina Nord and Barbara Wurm to talk about plans for the future, reminescence about the past four years and think about what makes the Forum special. Both agree that what the Forum does is to assemble a community of film fans and provide a space for watching films together and talking about them.

About the podcast Bilder Denken

The Forum and Forum Expanded podcast “Bilder Denken” – thinking with images and thinking about images – is talking about the big screen and small displays, what is changing today when making films and watching films and what it means: for our lives and for the cinema.

It is hosted by Valie Djordjević. She is a social media editor for the Forum and Arsenal–Institute for Film and Video Art, as well as a writer, photographer and translator. Most recently she translated the book “Die Berliner Schule im globalen Kontext. Ein transnationales Arthouse-Kino” edited by Marco Abel and Jaimey Fisher (Transcript Verlag 2023).

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