September 2021, arsenal cinema

arsenal 3 – Archival Assembly and Retrospective Angelika Levi

AUF GEHTS, ABER WOHIN? (Angelika Levi, 1989)

At the Archival Assembly #1 festival, one part of the program will be shown on arsenal 3. The films will be made available from the day after they screen in the cinema until mid-September. In addition, we are showing a retrospective of Angelika Levi's films since 1983 on arsenal 3 after the presentation of the digitally restored version of Angelika Levi’s MEIN LEBEN at Archival Assembly #1.

Films from Archival Assembly # 1 include MUEDA, MEMÓRIA E MASSACRE (Ruy Guerra, Mozambique 1979, based on the Trópicos Mecânicos performance), an anticolonial work of memory featuring reenactments of the massacre of Mueda; BÖSE ZU SEIN IST AUCH EIN BEWEIS VON GEFÜHL (FRG 1983) by Cynthia Beatt, which is a personal and cathartic confrontation with the status of the filmmaker as a non-German in 1970s and 1980s Berlin; the short film LES NOMADES DU SOLEIL (1953) and LA SUISSE S’INTERROGE (1964) by the Swiss documentary film pioneer Henry Brandt; OF DUST AND RUBIES, A FILM ON SUSPENSION (Tamer El Said, G 2020), a collective exploration of the unfinished film Of Dust and Rubies by Hussein Shariffe, whose DIARY IN EXILE (1993, in cooperation with Atteyat Al Abnoudy) will also be presented; TAMBAKU CHAAKILA OOB ALI (1982) and SUDESHA (1983) by Yugantar, the first feminist film collective in India; MAPPING LESSONS (Philip Rizk, Egypt 2020), which takes the viewer with K on a trip through space and time to the Levant during the colonial era; two films by Serap Berrakkarasu, TÖCHTER ZWEIER WELTEN (FRG 1990) about a mother, who emigrated from Turkey to Germany, and her daughter who grew up in Germany, and EKMEK PARASI – GELD FÜR’S BROT (G 1994), a film about women from Turkey and Mecklenburg who work together in a fish factory in Lübeck; OFF FRAME AKA REVOLUTION UNTIL VICTORY (Mohanad Yaqubi, 2016), a film that explores the fragments of a revolution and puts together pictures of a dream of freedom; MEIN LEBEN TEIL 2 (Angelika Levi, G 2003), which reconstructs the life of filmmaker’s mother on the basis of her estate and in doing so explores the connections between a person’s own life and past and history, as well as PRATER (Ulrike Ottinger, G/AT 2007), which delves into the many facets of Vienna’s Prater.

Angelika Levi, who was born in 1961, studied at Berlin’s dffb from 1985 to 1991. Her short, experimental films explore friendship, sex, everyday life, architecture and science fiction.
Angelika Levi’s first feature-length film MEIN LEBEN TEIL 2 screened in 2003 as part of the Berlinale Forum and went on to win a number of awards. ABSENT PRESENT (2010) is an essayistic documentary about different forms of travel: vacation and migration, voluntary and forced return. ANAK-ANAK SRIKANDI (2012) combines eight very personal perspectives on lesbian, bisexual and trans identities in Indonesia, which has the world’s largest Muslim population. MIETE ESSEN SEELE AUF (2015) documents the neighborhood struggle for accommodation in Berlin’s Kreuzberg. Levi’s most recent film, AHORITA FRAMES, which premiered at this year’s Forum Expanded, features refugees at the PedWest border in Tijuana performing their own tales. They play asbestos workers, US soldiers, Red Cross staff and firefighters. Migrants from Guatemala and Venezuela and Mexicans who have been deported to Tijuana from the US.
The program runs from September 16th to October 31th and will be accompanied by a debate with Angelika Levi on our YouTube channel on September 21 at 6pm, moderated by Borjana Gaković.