May 2011, arsenal cinema

The Art of Mediation (5): Films About Films and the Internet

More and more films are available in digital form, and ever more parts of film history and present-day cinema can be seen on the Internet. At the same time, anyone wanting to deal with them and use them is confronted with legal restrictions. What has the Internet changed? In the program with Sebastian Lütgert (pirate cinema), film and Web examples will be discussed. The film selection focuses on works created within the frame of American Weblogs – particularly "Shooting Down Pictures", the project of the filmmaker and critic Kevin B. Lee who will be present at the screening. Examples include video essays on current and classical films by Nicole Brenez, Kristin Thompson, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Matt Zoller Seitz, and others. Films and a discussion on the forms of films about films on the Internet with Sebastian Lütgert. The Art of Mediation, a project by Entuziazm e.V., is supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Federal Agency for Civic Education. (April 17)