May 2011, arsenal cinema

Berlin Premiere: CASANEGRA


To stay or to go? Despair or hope? Reason or adventure? The friendship between two young, jobless men, scratching along with small capers in their hometown Casablanca, is put to the test in CASANEGRA (Nour-Eddine Lakhmari, Morocco 2008). Adil dreams of a better life in Malmö and wants to buy a visa; Karim engages two boys to trade with cigarettes and is lovesick. Both have problems with their father: one is violent, the other strongly disabled after decades of piecework in a fish factory. Happiness and misery, humor and violence, lie close to each other in the chaos of their daily lives. To improve their situation, they let themselves be hired by a brutal debt collector … At once a socio-critical drama and an action movie, CASANEGRA bears witness to the upheavals in Moroccan society. In cooperation with the Zentrum Moderner Orient. (August 7)