May 2011, arsenal cinema

Study course "Art and Media" of the UdK


In two programs and an installation, the film institute of the UdK presents new monographic DVDs with filmic works from the study course "Art and Media." In SUPER SMILE, Effi Wu challenges the audience to a showdown with her gaze - which she can only win. AUF DER SUCHE by Sonya Schönberger is a filmic reflection on life plans, self-images and their representation in the media. The works of Guillaume Cailleau are dedicated to the material of time; time gives birth to concretions: "The new pages we open are not empty." P.R. by Mathieu Brohan is a large-scale public relations endeavor for the recently demolished Palace of the Republic. In SONNENALLEE by Lilli Kuschel, the camera travels along a street in Berlin-Neukölln. Sometimes it stops, penetrates the facades, and we are inside the buildings. What we get to see is more than sensational. (Heinz Emigholz) (Jan. 27)