May 2013, arsenal cinema

Ludwig Schönherr's Happy and Stupid Structures (Marc Siegel)

Another glimpse of the still unknown works of Ludwig Schönherr that were shown by Forum Expanded in 2009. The quiet artist created a body of work from the 1960s to the 1990s that engaged with the predominant artistic trends of his time but remained peripheral. Two programs show newly discovered examples of his single-frame experimental shorts and put them in context alongside related contemporaries. (23. & 24.6.) A four-channel video installation will be on show at KW.

Films from our archive:

(The Unknown Hamburg, Ludwig Schönherr, FRG 1983–88)
The sixty minute film, – the artist's only work produced with public funds ­– intersperses carefully framed shots of unfamiliar Hamburg cityscapes with silent, close-ups of ballerinas from the Hamburg Ballet, images reminiscent of Andy Warhol's Screen Tests. Alongside television and urban landscapes, ballerinas surface again and again as the objects of Schönherr's gaze, both in his films and photographs. (Marc Siegel)

FACE I & II (Ludwig Schönherr, FRG 1968-69)
From 1967-1970, a period of intense productivity in European experimental film more generally, Ludwig Schönherr made scores of short super8mm films that explored specific technical, aesthetic, and representational aspects of the medium, namely, the zoom, the use of flickering color, and the depiction of the face. A particularly rich series of "electronic films" responds to the increasing
proliferation of television images in everyday life.

In the mid- to late 70s, Schönherr produced an astounding 107-hour long film on Super 8, a "visual diary" of impressions of the city, its inhabitants and its TV-culture.

PORTRÄTFILM: KURT KREN (Ludwig Schönherr, FRG 1969, 23.5.)
A portrait of Vienniese filmmaker Kurt Kren.