November 2013, arsenal cinema

Focusing on film criticism

What can criticism do, what has it forgotten, what do we need it for today? Siegfried Kracauer had his answers to such questions, which with his famous sentence about its function as social criticism, continue to be evoked today. For the first time ever, MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemburg is awarding a prize in conjunction with the German Film Critics Association (VdFk) that bears Siegfried Kracauer's name and is meant to strengthen the awareness of the meaning of film criticism in the future. It will go to the best film criticism of the year, as well as other categories. On the same day, there will also be a podium discussion about the always competitive self-determination of criticism and the contribution of criticism to film culture. The panel is part of a VdfK film criticism congress featuring workshops and meetings. Find out more at Entrance is free. Registration for the price award ceremony is mandatory. (fj) (23.11.)