December 2013, arsenal cinema

Bauhaus spiral bound telehor: László Moholy-Nagy

In 1936, a notable publication appeared in Brno in Czechoslovakia: telehor, an international magazine for visual culture. The first issue was in four different languages, designed using avant-garde typography and dedicated to the work of Bauhaus artist, painter, photography and filmmaker László Moholy-Nagy. A reproduction of telehor (Greek “distance-vision”) has now been reprinted by Lars Müller Publishers (Zürich). The new edition of the magazine has been supplemented by a new volume of commentaries and gathers together early key texts on photography and film, as well as letters and illustrations of Moholy-Nagy’s work. On 18.12., Wolfgang Beilenhoff (film theorist), Oliver A.I. Botar (art historian), Klemens Gruber (media studies scholar), Andreas Haus (art historian) and Annemarie Jaeggi (Bauhaus Archiv) will present the telehor reprint together with the new volume of commentaries. Moholy-Nagy’s ARCHITEKTURKONGRESS (1933) will also be shown. (mg)