January 2014, arsenal cinema

EXPOSED — Self-Portraits by Women


This six-part series of films and videos curated by Maria Morata encompasses different artistic positions of women working on time-based self-portraits and self-representation. The title EXPOSED refers on the one hand metaphorically to the exposure time necessary for photography that enables the image to be inscribed onto celluloid or electronic or digital media. On the other hand, the relationships between the audience, the artwork and the artist are also to be questioned here, which, unlike self-portraits from the areas of painting or photography, is determined and modulated by temporal factors and the duration of the work. The essential question of the ego is developed within a series of self-reflections and artistic strategies ranging from the motif of the doppelganger, projection, masquerade, dédoublement and voyeurism all the way to performance art. Questions of identity are marked by aesthetic resistance, narcissistic exhibitionism, critiques of representation and metaphysical or playful self-perception and can be examined at both an individual and a collective level. This entails in turn reflection upon direct identity constructions such as gender, race and religion as well as how these have developed under different social and cultural conditions. The face, an essential sign for the ego, will be "conjugated" in all its possible facets and the body attributed different physical, psychological, metaphorical or discursive aspects. Space becomes an extension of the self, provides a backdrop for ironic commentaries on social restrictions and economic conditions and permits appropriations of popular and film culture. EXPOSED consists of experimental films, video performances and contemporary video art and opens up a critical dialogue about visual representations of the self created by women.  (mm) (2.1., 9.1.,16.1, 23.1. & 30.1., presented by Maria Morata)