January 2014, arsenal cinema

UdK Seminar: The Borders of Capitalism

L'ENCLOS (1961)

Strawalde/Jürgen Böttcher shows the Berlin Wall being carried away in MAUER (East Germany 1990), which he, like his oil painting "Beweinung" (Lamentation) (1958), didn't construct within himself at least. From a West German perspective, reunification was a mental instability provoking incorporation of the divided, painfully erupting again with the attacks by Streidel and Kaufmann. Peter Nestler tells the story of a mining accident as a new manifestation of how dangers are once again being concealed. L'ENCLOS(France 1961) narrates fascism, how it can be possibly overcome and what is meant by it as the concrete act of love (amitié) between two men – instigated as the ultimate fake bet for survival by two Nazi henchmen. Armand Gatti's fiction film questions both the suggestive, moralizing forms of realism promoted by Lanzman as well as the latent and manifest "male fantasies" of a Theweleitian, Praunheimian or Harlanian nature. Angelika Levi's ABSENT PRESENT(Germany 2012) and Hito Steyerl's HOW NOT TO BE SEEN (Germany 2013) show the tender articulation of a loss. (sh)(15., 22. & 29.1.)