April 2014, arsenal cinema

Classics not only for children


PLAYTIME(Jacques Tati, F/I 1967,  6., 13., & 27.4.) This month we are not only showing this film in our Magical History Tour but also in our Sunday afternoon program for children. Airport buildings, office high-rises, apartments, a restaurant - everything (premusably) is made of glass, chrome, steel and concrete, its all immaculate and clean. The set  for the brave new world in which Jacques Tati as Monsieur Hulot finds out about the perils of progress and uniformity was created at enormous cost near Paris - a gigantomania that is hard to surpass. The sound setwas also excessive -its elaborate design commenting the sterile world, pointing out the cracks and reducing it to absurdity. Human encounters and individuality have no place in the modern world, but still find their way.