October 2014, arsenal cinema

New Cinema Release: THE AIRSTRIP


THE AIRSTRIP – AUFBRUCH DER MODERNE, TEIL III(Heinz Emigholz, Germany 2014, 12.10., 19.10., screening attended by Heinz Emigholz & 26.10.) Airports, department stores, warehouses, cathedrals, monuments, a stadium, an embassy. These far-flung architectural works generate a frame story: The ephemeral, capitalistic, religiously melancholy and moralizing world gets caught up in its own sense of purpose. Even after the atom bomb is dropped, as narrated by a vaguely familiar voice, the viewer waits for the documentary framing of an architectural design. Yet this frame does not exist, perhaps it never even did. What we have before us is a flat screen, with the illustrations from advertising circulars floating across the image as proof. Front and back merge to form the actual spatial and temporal construction, whose architect is none other than the viewers themselves. As the final part of the series, THE AIRSTRIP offers no big finale of architectural film history, but rather a brilliant desert landscape full of unexpected new beginnings. (stss)