July 2015, arsenal cinema

The DEFA Foundation Presents


The DEFA Foundation continues its long-standing film series “Breaks and Continuities” that was created in collaboration with the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation. The series is dedicated to twelve actors who worked at Ufa before 1945 and DEFA afterwards. Two films with actress Angelika Hauff (1922–1983) will be screening. With FIGAROS HOCHZEIT (East Germany 1949), based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Le nozze di Figaro", Georg Wildhagen directed the DEFA's first opera adaptation, full of levity and verve.

In ZIRKUS RENZ(Artur Maria Rabenalt, Germany 1943), loosely based on the biography of artist and circus pioneer Ernst Jakob Renz, Angelika Hauff took on the first leading role of her career, playing the orphan girl Bettina. The film was one of the most commercially successful productions of the National Socialist era and tells the story of circus artistes Renz and Harms, who both fall in love with the pretty Bettina whilst on the road. (pz) (6.7.)