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Things to Come – Science · Fiction · Film

HELL, 2011

On the occasion of a symposium organized by the Deutsche Kinemathek and the Einstein Forum in Potsdam, the Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen is screening the extraordinary directorial debut of Tim Fehlbaum, HELL (G/CH 2011). The dystopian sci-fi film is set in Germany in the near future: With its extreme rays and violent solar storms, the sun has transformed the earth into an almost lifeless wasteland. Nothing grows anymore, all animals have died, the woods and meadows are scorched and only a handful of people have survived. Only those who can protect themselves from the blinding sunlight and find water have a chance of escaping the disaster. Marie (Hannah Herzsprung), her younger sister (Lisa Vicari) and Philipp (Lars Eidinger) set off to find water in a darkened car. (gw) (22.1., Guests: Hannah Herzsprung, Tim Fehlbaum, Moderator: Rainer Rother)