September 2016, arsenal cinema

Waiting until dark

What is film criticism and what can it do in light of the shifting media landscape? On the occasion of the annual conference of the German Society for Media Studies (GfM), which this year focuses on "Criticism", the Film Studies department at the FU Berlin is inviting people to a round-table discussion at Arsenal. The critics Frédéric Jaeger (, BZ, Der Freitag), Ekkehard Knörer (Cargo, Merkur, taz), Hannah Pilarczyk (SpOn, Missy Magazine, Neon) and Barbara Schweizerhof (epd, taz, Der Freitag) will talk about the options and conditions for exercising their craft. The way in which the media are discussed in the media is changing. What does it mean that film criticism is shifting to the internet? Democratization or clickbait? Where can it position itself between film blogs, video criticism and a lively fan culture? Bert Rebhandl will host the discussion. (cp)
A FU Berlin film studies department event. (29.9.)