July 2018, arsenal cinema

The DEFA Foundation Presents: Documentaries by Heinz Brinkmann


To celebrate the 70th birthday of Heinz Brinkmann, we are presenting a selection of his documentary works from the DEFA studio for documentary film. Brinkmann creates portraits of people in their specific surroundings, meeting them on an equal footing in their everyday working processes: installation workers on the “Druschba” gas pipeline in ICH SEHE HIER NOCH NICHT DIE SONNE (1989), artists in KERSCHOWSKI – ANSICHTEN EINES ROCKSÄNGERS (1986), young women in MISS-WAHL (1987). DIE KARBIDFABRIK (1987) is a report on the working conditions at the carbide factory in Schkopau and the pollution it caused. His critical observations were met with displeasure and individual passages fell victims to the censors. The second part of the evening is dedicated to Brinkmann’s home region. Taken from the DEFA KINOBOX 1987/57, known as the OSTSEEBOX, the 2005 part of his Usedom trilogy INSELLICHT – USEDOMER BILDER follows eight artists who live on the island. (jh) (2.7.)