March 2019, arsenal cinema

Public Screening re-selected: American Experimental

REPORT, 1963-67

Karola Gramann was the director of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen from 1985 to 1989. Her leaving gift was a retrospective entitled “American Avant-Garde and Experimental Films of the 1960s” curated by Alf Bold and Christine Noll Brinckmann. Alongside Heide Schlüpmann, Gramann has compiled a “reprise” of the program, which made a statement at the time, from the archives of the Arsenal and the Oberhausen festival where experimental films had to be fought for. When they were screened, they polarized audiences like nothing else. Films by Kenneth Anger, Bruce Baillie, Bruce Conner, Larry Gottheim, Standish Lawder, Marie Menken, Robert Nelson, Ron Rice, Lee Savage, Anita Thacher. Guests: Karola Gramann, Heide Schlüpmann and Christine Noll Brinckmann. An Arsenal and Oberhausen Short Film Festival re-selected project as part of Archive außer sich. (th) (10.3.)