July 2019, arsenal cinema

Appendix to Commedia all’italiana: TUTTI A CASA


As we were sent the wrong, unrestored version of the film for the screening on May 21st, which also didn’t match the list of subtitles, we are showing the restored 35mm print of TUTTI A CASA (Everybody Go Home, Luigi Comencini, Italy/France 1960) from the Cineteca Nazionale as a world premiere as an appendix to the Commedia all’italiana series. The plot of the tragicomic film encompasses the first three weeks after the ceasefire between the Italian armed forces and the Allies that was declared by Pietro Badoglio on September 8, 1943. Amid the general chaos in the country, Lieutenant Alberto Innocenzi (Alberto Sordi) gets rid of his uniform and fights his way though the now-blurred fronts. He meets soldiers who have lost contact with their company, fascists, a Jewish woman attempting to flee, partisans, SS-units and civilians being transported in goods wagons for forced labor in Germany. (hjf) (9.7.)