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There is a continent where maps are not drawn, but sung. Each person is the singer of a path, the guardian of a possible trajectory. Lost between the highways, the malls, the construction sites, the buildings, and the no-man’s-lands of the northeastern suburbs of Paris, we asked the people we met here and there to invent this continent with us. We followed them on their paths through cities that seemed endless to us. We listened to their words. Un Archipel is the song of a world that is disappearing, an ode to these resistant voices, a walk through the city, its landscapes, its last secret passages.

Marie Bouts, born in 1978 in Toulouse, is an illustrator and a collector of stories. Her work is situated on the line between documentary and fiction.
Till Roeskens, born 1974 in Freiburg, is an artist and filmmaker working with film, video, text, and other media. 

Format: HD video
Running time: 36 min

Funded by:

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