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A translation and a definition of the guerrillas and the Black September group, which was formed from various libertarian fighters from Palestine and the rest of the world, unknown in numbers, fighting towards the liberation of Palestine and defending the refugees in camps, who also aimed towards publicizing the Palestinian cause to the World. The group surfaced in the late 1960s ensuing from the beginning of the Palestinian revolution, coinciding with the first phase of the 8-bit computer processor development, which also paved the way for the technological revolution all over the globe. Therefore, the video displays a simple definition to Palestinian guerrillas, using the 8-bit technology, in an attempt at re-examining both events, the Palestinian revolution as well as the technological revolution.

Firas Shehadeh, born in 1988 in Amman, Jordan. As a visual artist, Firas Shehade‘s work in images, sound and public interventions explores his relationship with the city, and the influence of authority on the alteration of the collective consciousness and identity. His interest in the socio-economic influences on the falsification of historical narratives, and the alienation of the individual in a nebulous society, came from a background that he developed as a resident of a Palestinian refugee camp in Amman. He finished a degree in architecture in 2008 before moving on to pursue other directions. In 2009, Firas worked on establishing Torabyeh in 2009, a groundbreaking political hip hop project. In 2010, he participated in the exhibition titled Sentences on the banks and other activities curated by Abdullah Karom in Darat Al Funoon in Amman, and then as a designer and program curator for the Darat from 2010 to 2013. He also worked as an artistic director, producer and independent designer in various projects, and currently works on producing his own works in film, video art, sounds and images.

Single channel video installation, 2 minutes

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