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It started in a tent in a square. People came and shared copies of their recorded experiences with people who put them on hard drives to preserve them. Testimonies, gatherings, street battles, hospitals, protests, sit-ins, occupations, burning buildings, flags, signs, songs, tear gas, chants, bullets, helmets, stolen police vehicles. Images, video, raw footage, mobile phone footage, found footage, blank images with sound, cards, drives, laptops, cameras, tripods, sound recorders, DSLs, camcorders, phones.
We will visit some of the archive’s memories, some of the moments that it revealed, and sometimes it concealed.

Jasmina Metwaly is an artist and filmmaker based in Cairo. Her short essay film From Behind the Monument premiered in the Forum Expanded in 2014. She co-curated the Imaginary School Program at Beirut Art Center in 2014/15.
Philip Rizk is a filmmaker and writer based in Cairo. His audio installation ‘A Colonial Landscape’ accompanied Tobias Zielony’s photography exhibition of the same name at Fotohof, Salzburg in November 2015.
Metwaly and Rizk are members of the Mosireen collective. Their feature film Out on the Street premiered at the Forum Expanded 2015 and was part of the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2015. They are currently working on a new project entitled On Trials.

All panels, talks, and presentations in English language.

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