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For her first television film – a remake of Fassbinder’s “Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant” – director Vera wants the perfect cast. But the first day of shooting is fast approaching and the numerous casting sessions have yet to find a suitable actress to play the leading role. Although the producer and crew are getting ever more exasperated with Vera, Gerwin is happy about the extra work, as he earns his money as an audition reader, delivering the lines of dialogue to the starry candidates at the various castings. When the male lead suddenly has to back out, Gerwin thinks that this might just be his chance.
Director Nicolas Wackerbarth captures the complex essence of Fassbinder’s film and simultaneously creates a profound work of his own. Casting takes an unflinching look at the murky depths of human relationships driven by power, passion and desperation. Yet Wackerbarth also brings bitter truths to light about power relations and dependencies in the German television industry almost in passing. Casting is both intelligent and entertaining, marked by exciting turning points, humour and the breathtaking acting performances by a truly virtuoso ensemble. (Ansgar Vogt)

Production: SWR – Südwestrundfunk, Baden-Baden
Screenplay: Nicolas Wackerbarth, Hannes Held
Camera: Jürgen Carle
Cast: Andreas Lust, Judith Engel, Milena Dreissig, Nicole Marischka
Running time: 91 min
Language: German

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