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One night, three bored young men in a car decide to pay a visit to an older man they only know vaguely. At first he’s glad to see them but soon afterwards thinks they’ve come to burgle him and turns a gun on them. When the police turns up, they’re all taken into custody.
This already simple story is pared down ever more: Filmed entirely in a black box, Tamaroz turns green screen technology on its head. Apart from the green studio walls, which are usually used to copy objects and characters into other environments when making computer games and such like, the props are green and remain visible as projection screens. The cars are white. The male characters wear jeans and T-shirts, while the protagonist's sister and niece are in black. All of them wear the same blue plastic shoes and act in a slowed down, emotionless manner within an environment akin to a huge void. Only the iridescent blue light and a few external noises remind the viewer of what might be an outside world.
The monotony creates suspense: The impossibility of coming into contact with reality becomes increasingly tangible. In Tamaroz, abstraction becomes a place of exile. (Stefanie Schulte Strathaus)

Production: Hich Film, Tehran
Screenplay: Abed Abest
Camera: Hamid Khozouie Abyaneh
Cast: Abed Abest, Vahid Rad, Majid Yousefi, Danial Khojasteh
Running time: 84 min
Language: Farsi

Photo: © Iranian Independents

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