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Since my last Forum appearance in 2015 I’ve kept body and soul together by teaching film studies and filmmaking at Harvard University. I also keep busy firing up hopes and developing scripts for future projects with Evan and Galen Johnson, my partners in the Winnipeg-based filmmaking collective Development Ltd. When I feel stressed out, I prescribe myself a few hours of collage making. There’s nothing I love more than to sit down at a table with my girlfriend, both of us armed with scissors and glue sticks, a leaning stack of old magazines towering between us, our dog by our feet and murder in our eyes! Soon the pictures in the magazines are sliced to shreds and repurposed into magical new tableaux of the crudest, most primitive charm and execution. I say magical, because what looks amazing in the moment of creation is often transformed by unknown powers into charmless ugliness by morning.

Guy Maddin has shown films at the Forum and Forum Expanded many times, most recently Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton (co-directed with Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson) in 2016 and The Forbidden Room (co-directed with Evan Johnsen) in 2015. Their new films Accidence and The Green Fog are shown at the Forum this year.

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