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Since having last shown in the Forum, we’ve worked on several projects.
We completed a photographic body of work called “The Children”, which is an exploration of the ephemeral nature of childhood. The series depicts a world at once familiar and strange, where the more vulnerable aspects of youth are explored in a manner recalling the crime scene photography of the Speed Graphic era or Technicolor film noir.
In 2015, The Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) invited us to guest curate a special programme about the intersection of photography and documentary film called “A Photographer’s Eye: Photography & The Poetic Documentary”. Highlights of the programme included “An Image” by Harun Farocki, “Birthday Suit with Scars and Defects” by Lisa Steele, “Death in the Port Jackson Hotel” by Ed van der Elsken, “Field Niggas” by Khalik Allah, and “The Unseen” by Miroslav Janek.
Most recently, we made a short film about the imagined unconscious minds of animals called “Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dreamlife of Beasts” which premiered at Locarno in 2016.

Melanie Shatzky and Brian M. Cassidy first came to the Forum with their film Francine in 2012. Their new film is Interchange.

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