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2-channel video installation, 9 min. silent.

A sequence of shots in Griffith’s Intolerance from 1916. There are many forms of montage: obviously the close-up, alternating shot sizes, shot-countershot, parallel montage, the leap in time over many centuries. But one sequence sticks out. You might think it was the sequence where the shot-countershot as a form of expression was invented. Or, to reinforce something that you’re still not sure about, derived once again.
This sequence is like one of those animals that is only in the world to provide an example for the correctness of Darwinian theory. But cinema-Darwinism is neither right nor wrong. (Harun Farocki)

Harun Farocki, born in Nový Jicin, at that time Sudetengau, today Czech Republic, was filmmaker, artist and author. From 1966 to 1968 he studied at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). He realized more than 100 productions for television and cinema as well as numerous installations for exhibitions. He died near Berlin in 2014.

Production Harun Farocki. Production company Harun Farocki (Berlin, Germany). Director Harun Farocki. Editing Harun Farocki. From an idea by Harun Farocki, Antje Ehmann.


selection: 1967: Die Worte des Vorsitzenden / The Words of the Chairman (3 min.). 1978: Zwischen zwei Kriegen / Between Two Wars (83 min.). 1982: Etwas wird sichtbar / Before your Eyes Vietnam (114 min.). 1984: Peter Lorre – das doppelte Gesicht / The Double Face of Peter Lorre (59 min.). 1986: Wie man sieht / As You See (72 min.). 1988: Bilder der Welt und Inschrift des Krieges / Images of the World and the Inscription of War (75 min.). 1990: Leben – BRD / How to Live in the FRG (83 min.). 1991: Was ist los? / What's Up? (60 min.). 1992: Videogramme einer Revolution / Videograms of a Revolution (with Andrei Ujica, 106 min.). 1995: Arbeiter verlassen die Fabrik / Workers Leaving the Factory (36 min.), Schnittstelle / Interface (video installation, 23 min.). 1996: Der Auftritt / The Appearance (40 min.). 1997: Die Bewerbung / The Interview (58 min.), Stilleben / Still Life (56 min.). 2000: Ich glaubte Gefangene zu sehen / I Thought I was seeing Convicts (video installation, 23 min.). 2001: Die Schöpfer der Einkaufswelten / The Creators of Shopping Worlds (72 min.), Auge / Maschine / Eye / Machine (video installation, 23 min.). 2002: Auge / Maschine II / Eye / Machine II (video installation, 15 min.). 2003: Erkennen und Verfolgen / War at a Distance (58 min.), Auge / Maschine III / Eye / Machine III (video installation, 25 min.). 2004: Gegen‑Musik / Counter Music (video installation, 23 min.), Nicht ohne Risiko / Nothing Ventured (50 min.). 2005: Aufstellung / In-Formation (video installation, 16 min.), Ausweg / A Way (video installation, 14 min.). 2006: Zur Bauweise des Films bei Griffith / On Construction of Griffith’ Films, Arbeiter verlassen die Fabrik in elf Jahrzehnten (video installation, 36 min.). 2007: Vergleich über ein Drittes (video installation, 24 min.), Deep Play (video installation, 15 min.). 2008: Fressen oder Fliegen (video installation, 24 min.). 2009: Ernste Spiele III: Immersion (video installation, 20 min.), Zum Vergleich / In Comparison (61 min.). 2012: Ein neues Produkt / A New Product (37 min.). 2013: Sauerbruch Hutton Architekten (73 min.). 2014: Parallele I–IV (2012–2014) (video installation).

Photo: © Harun Farocki

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