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Lucile Desamory in collaboration with Gustave Fundi & Glodie Mubikay

Vu de l’extérieur / Seen from the Outside
Belgien, Demokratische Republik Kongo, Luxemburg 2019

2-channel video installation, 25 min. Lingala, French.

With Vu de l'extérieur Lucile Desamory reflects on the possibilities of a distant view from inside one’s own culture. The inside is Belgium and its cultural codes. Consisting of a white box with a hidden entrance in the screen, only visible in some moments while the video is running, the installation creates a situation where inside and outside are obscured. The projection shows parts of the feature film Télé Réalité directed by Desamory, Glodie Mubikay, and Gustave Fundi: Three Congolese women are discussing a reality TV show they plan to produce in Belgium during carnival. When visitors enter the video screen, they find themselves in a secret chamber with a surveillance monitor. On it, strange characters evolve in the house where the brotherhood of the Blancs Moussis of Stavelot make and store tons and tons of confetti.

MESSAGES (gouache on paper, 2019), a painting shown in conjunction with the installation, displays conversations amongst the directors of the feature on long rolls of paper. Being based on different continents, they never met in person, but collaborated through messenger services and YouTube.

Production Lucile Desamory. Production companies Lucile Desamory (Berlin, Germany), O2 Studios (Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo). Director Lucile Desamory. In cooperation with Gustave Fundi, Glodie Mubikay. Screenplay Damien Desamory. Cinematography Artur Castro Freire, Nikos Welter, Erick Kayembe. Editing Sophie Watzlawick. Music Nicholas Bussmann. Sound design Nicholas Bussmann. Sound Caleb Kayeye. Production design Lucile Desamory, Glodie Mubikay, Gustave Fundi. Costumes Lucile Desamory, Glodie Mubikay, Gustave Fundi. Co-producer Glodie Mubikay. With Anton Sifu Kabala (Evelyne), Ornella Mubeka (Niclèche), Belord Mulopo (Journaliste), Rachel Vungbo (Viviane), Tourst Tshipungidi (Le petit), Ursile Mpaka (Servante), Esther Ngalula (Receptionniste), Artur Castro Freire (The Green Head), Ruth Lehmann (The Green Head), Lionel Perrinjaquet (The Green Head), Lucile Desamory (The Heap), Ruth Lehmann (The Alien), Arnaud Liesse (The Alien), Nikos Welter (The Alien).

Lucile Desamory, born in 1977 in Brussels, Belgium, lives and works in Berlin. She is interested in the frontiers of perception, in the “too much,” the esoteric, the falsified – in the spurned narratives. She combines film, painting, drawing, embroidery, collage, and her voice into larger webs such as video installations, films, or performances. Many projects are collaborations. Her films and art works have been shown internationally.

Glodie Mubikay was born in 1992 in Kinshasa, Congo. His goal as a producer is to make the Congolese culture speak. He focuses on themes of daily life in relation with Congolese traditional rites. In 2009, he joined the summer university of cinema in Lubumbashi. In 2011, he took part in the making of the film Maquis. From then on, he has been working as an actor, director, screenwriter and producer. In 2012, he created Osimbi Oziki Studios with Gustave Fundi and Ray Tambwe, a research and production laboratory in audiovisual and performing arts. They produce fictions, documentaries, and experimental videos. He is currently working on his next documentary.

Gustave Fundi, born in 1988 in Lubumbashi, Congo, works as director, producer, actor, and scriptwriter. His main goal is to make the world discover ancestral and current Congolese culture. He creates an extravagant universe inspired by Congolese history, myths and legends, oscillating between horror, science fiction and fantasy. He directed his first short film Mampocha in 2010. From 2011 on, he has taken part in several workshops for young filmmakers. Together with Glodie Mubikay and Ray Tambwe he cofounded Osimbi Oziki Studios in 2012. Together, they produce fictions, documentary, and experimental films.


Lucile Desamory: 2006: Countdown to Nothing (10 min.). 2007: Haut les Coeurs (15 min.). 2010: Dark Matter (13 min.). 2011: Foules (dans l’atelier de Christophe Berhault) (16 min.). 2013: ABRACADABRA (78 min.). 2020: Télé Réalité. 2019: Vu de l'extérieur (video installation, 25 min.).

Glodie Mubikay: 2015: Performance Robot de la poste (5 min.). 2020: Télé Réalité.

Gustave Fundi: 2011: Mampocha (16 min.), Taxi-Rouge (11 min.), Maquis. 2012: Géographiste, Jeux (8 min.), La Terreur de Zuba (46 min.). 2013: Sweet et Sexy (22 min.), Ndoto (21 min.), N’Tsiku (23 min.). 2014: Mikoshi (22 min.), Jaribu (22 min.), Ramazani (20 min.). 2015: Munya (19 min.), Ubatizo (20 min.), Performance du Robot de la Poste (5 min.). 2016: Requiem de la vie (19 min.), Ah…! (18 min.). 2017: Micro Billard (10 min.). 2018: Rumeur (4 min.), MaSoeur (3 min.), Calomnie (3 min.), Papa (4 min.), Ubatizo, la genèse du mal (4 min.). 2019: Kampirimposhi (22 min.), Nuits d’Enfer (15 min.), L’art dans l’âme (11 min.). 2020: Télé Réalité.

Photo: © Lucile Desamory, Glodie Mubikay, Gustave Fundi

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