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19.06.2021 21:30 Eng. subtitles Open Air Kino HKW (Tickets)

The spider’s web is tailor-made for the fly’s eye, says Mr. Emmer in a moment of levity. The strands of the web are spun in such a way that they remain invisible to the compound eye. The fly flies unsuspectingly into disaster.
LA VDUTA LUMINOSAis itself something of a web that comes to envelop the viewer – not blindly like the fly, but bewitched by the images, composed of blurred or sharply rendered surfaces, hazy and iridescent. We quickly become aware that the protagonist here is someone whose best days are behind him: the brilliant artist who is unconcerned with the need for social niceties. His name is Mr. Emmer, and his assistant’s role is an unenviable one. The two of them are in the car on their way to Tübingen, where a film project awaits. It’s about German poet Hölderlin, who succumbed to insanity and kept writing anyway. The obstacles along the way are the Alps, the forest and Mr. Emmer’s general state of health.

The trip thus leads into a dead end, and the eyes see – depending on how the light falls – either a requiem for the prototypical personality of the brilliant artist – or its dissection. (Cristina Nord)

Fabrizio Ferraro, born in 1974 in Rome, Italy. He has made twelve documentaries and features since 2006, many of which were shown at major European festivals, most recently GLI INDESIDERATI D'EUROPA (2018) and CHECKPOINT BERLIN(2020).

Production Marta Reggio, Fabrizio Ferraro, Marcello Fagiani. Production company Boudu-Passepartout (Rom, Italy). Written and directed by Fabrizio Ferraro. Cinematography Fabrizio Ferraro. Editing Fabrizio Ferraro. Sound design Simone Frati. Sound Simone Frati. Production design Federica Formaggi. Costumes Federica Formaggi. Assistant director Felice D'Agostino. Production manager Fabio Fusco. Executive producer Fabio Parente. Co-producer Luis Miñarro. Co-production Eddie Saeta, Rai Cinema. With Alessandro Carlini, Catarina Wallenstein, Freddy Paul Grunert.

Films: 2008: Tetralogia di film-studio sull’amatorialità (4 x 60 min.). 2009: Je suis Simone – La condition ouvrière (82 min.). 2010: Piano sul pianeta – Malgrado tutto, coraggio Francesco! (80 min.). 2011: Ethos (verrà presto il giorno in cui gli attori e le attrici non crederanno più che le loro maschere e i loro costumi siano essi stessi) (30 min.), Penultimo Paesaggio (114 min.). 2013: Quattro notti di uno straniero (90 min.). 2015: Quando dal cielo (95 min.). 2016: Sebastian0 (90 min.). 2017: Colossale Sentimento (83 min.). 2018: Gli Indesiderati d’Europa / Les Unwanted de Europa (112 min.). 2020: Checkpoint Berlin (62 min.).

Bonus material

  • Still 
LA VEDUTA LUMINOSA (The Luminous View)


    In „Scardanelli in the Forest” Melanie Weidemüller situates LA VEDUTA LUMINOSA into the context of other cinematic approaches to the poetry of Hölderlin

  • Still 
LA VEDUTA LUMINOSA (The Luminous View)

    Director’s Commentary

    Letter to the Producer Lluís Miñarro

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