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18.06.2021 21:30 Eng. subtitles Open Air Kino HKW (Tickets)

Joaquim is at the end of his working life. According to a deal made with his employer, he will be able to retire after a brief period of unemployment. But first he has to submit a few token job applications to prove that he has tried to find work. His tour takes him to industrial areas in the Portuguese countryside where factories stand idle. There is little work, but everyone needs some sort of employment, provided by government programmes if necessary. It is from here that Joaquim set out in the 70s to try his luck in New York, where he worked as a chauffeur and cab driver and saw the world. New York as a rear projection and autobiographical reference point forms an important theme in the film, which plays beautifully with the boundary between reality and fiction. Joaquim has style and an air of urbanity. Always well-groomed and wearing a flamboyant patterned shirt, he’s reminiscent of American television stars from the 70s when he drives around in his Mercedes Elegance, not least due to the 4:3 aspect ratio. He has played a lot of roles in his life: worker, immigrant, husband and friend. How will he do as a pensioner? It would be a pleasure to hear from him every now and then. (Anna Hoffmann)

Susana Nobre, born in 1974 in Lisbon, Portugal. She studied communications and works as a screenwriter, director and producer. She made her feature debut in 2018 with Tempo Comum following several short and documentary works.

Production João Matos. Production company Terratreme Filmes (Lissabon, Portugal). Written and directed by Susana Nobre. Cinematography Paulo Menezes. Editing João Rosas, Susana Nobre. Sound design Hugo Leitão. Sound João Gazua. Costumes Nádia Henriques. Assistant director Diogo Allen. Production manager Emidio Barbosa. Executive producer João Matos. With Amindo Martins Rato, Maria Carvalho, Joaquim Veríssimo.

Films: 2003: O Que Pode Um Rosto / Daycare Hospital (103 min.), Estados da Matéria / It Would Have Been Simple (14 min.). 2010: Lisboa – Província / Lisbon-Province (20 min.). 2013: Vida Activa / Active Life (92 min.). 2015: Provas, Exorcismos / Trials, Exorcisms (25 min.). 2016: As Viagens Philosophicas / Tracking the Naturalists (50 min., TV documentary). 2018: Tempo Comum / Ordinary Time (64 min.).

Bonus material

Susana Nobre, director of "No táxi do Jack"

„Cinema by its nature has always to do with the real, but a reality that is transformed”

Anna Hoffmann talks with filmmaker Susana Nobre (English, 7:40 min)

Essay and director's commentary on "No táxi do Jack"

  • Still NO TÁXI DO JACK (Jack’s Ride)


    In “Working Hero” Matthias Dell explains how NO TÁXI DO JACK gives its protagonist back its dignity
  • Still NO TÁXI DO JACK (Jack’s Ride)

    Director’s Commentary

    Susana Nobre about the different elements of her film
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