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13.06.2021 21:30 Eng. subtitles silent green (Tickets)
16.06.2021 21:30 Eng. subtitles Atelier Gardens Freiluftkino @ BUFA (Tickets)

At the beginning, an objet trouvé: a video camera bought by the director at an online auction site during an extended visit to the south of France to see his girlfriend at the end of 2019. His voiceover explains that he found some footage still stored on the camera and wants to use it to make something for cinema. To do this, he has to obtain permission from the camera’s previous owner, an older man named Charles.
QUÉ SERÁ DEL VERANO takes little time in building momentum. Charles' dogs were only just playing in the river when the camera suddenly looks out of the window of a plane about to land in Yaoundé. The voiceover explains that Charles has a job at the embassy. He falls for a woman who is an expert on successful living and later meets her son, the member of a militia. Off we go again, over flooded dirt roads into the forest of the secessionists.
Is any of this true? It doesn’t matter. The way QUÉ SERÁ DEL VERANO shows such disdain for plausibility and zig-zags between Buenos Aires, Montpellier and Yaoundé is intoxicating. The lockdown that forbids such movements will come soon enough. (Cristina Nord)

Ignacio Ceroi, born in 1986 in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. He studied directing and works as a screenwriter and director. QUÉ SERÁ DEL VERANO is his second feature following his debut UNA AVENTURA SIMPLE (2017).

Production Cecilia Pisano, Jeronimo Quevedo, Ignacio Ceroi, Victoria Marotta, Franco Bacchiani. Production companies Esquimal Cine (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Un puma (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Director Ignacio Ceroi. Written by Ignacio Ceroi, Mariana Martinelli. Cinematography Ignacio Ceroi, Mariana Martinelli, Charles Louvet. Editing Ignacio Ceroi, Hernán Roselli. Sound design Hernán Biasotti. Production design Mariana Martinelli. Executive producers Cecilia Pisano, Jeronimo Quevedo. With Ignacio Ceroi, Mariana Martinelli, Charles Louvet.

World sales Un puma

Films: 2012: El amor cambia / Love Changes (21 min.). 2013: Tarapoto, Yurimaguas, Lagunas (15 min.). 2014: Tornado (18 min.). 2017: Una aventura simple / A Simple Adventure (62 min.).


Ignacio Ceroi, director of "Qué será del verano"

„I tried to take the unpredictability of my film to its limits”

Cristina Nord talks with filmmaker Ignacio Ceroi (English, 10:25 min)

Essay on "Qué será del verano"

  • Stills QUÉ SERÁ DEL VERANO (What Will Summer Bring)


    In “Ciné-Roman of a Life” Esther Buss examines the doubled first-person perspective of QUÉ SERÁ DEL VERANO

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