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17.06.2021 21:30 Ger. subtitles Open Air Kino HKW (Tickets)

Julian inherits a house in West Philadelphia from his grandmother and asks his girlfriend Gwen to move in, although she turns out to be just the first member of the commune that sets up home with him within its brightly coloured walls. Together with the founding couple, the seven-strong collective are soon reciting African-American poetry, reading post-colonial theory, holding seminars on Sudanese languages and enjoying jazz-inflected jam sessions, with the chest of materials on the wider Black experience apparently left behind by the grandmother proving perfect inspiration to this end. With the prominent poster of Godard’s LA CHINOISEhanging in the kitchen, it’s tempting to read their funkily cerebral exploits as pure fiction, yet they’re actually a reenactment of Asili’s own experiences in a Marxist commune. Real life informs the fiction elsewhere too, as members of the MOVE Organization come to speak at the house, the camera alights on significant sites for the Black community outside in the Philadelphia streets and the inevitable petty arguments about house rules rear their head. And maybe that’s the point: theory rubs up against practice and sparks duly fly. (James Lattimer)

Ephraim Asili, born in 1979 in Roslyn, Pennsylvania, USA. He studied film and video art and works as a filmmaker, DJ and radio host in New York. After several short and medium-length works, THE INHERITANCE is his first feature.

Production Ephraim Asili. Production company Asili Vision (New York, USA). Written and directed by Ephraim Asili. Cinematography Ephraim Asili. Editing Ephraim Asili. Sound design Ephraim Aili. Sound Stephen McLaughlin. Production design Ephraim Asili. Casting Ephraim Asili, Gail Keller. Assistant director Sancia Shiba Nash. Executive producer Victoria Brooks. With Eric Lockley, Nozipho Mclean, Chris Jarrell, Julian Rozzell Jr.

Films: 2007: Movie Tote (8 min.), Points on A Space Age (49 min.). 2010: Forged Ways (15 min.). 2013: American Hunger (19 min.). 2015: Many Thousands Gone (8 min.). 2016: Kindah (12 min.). 2017: Fluid Frontiers (23 min.), Calder for Peter (12 min.).

Bonus Material

„Some of the psychological things that I’m interested in would feel invasive to cover in a documentary way”

James Lattimer talks with filmmaker Ephraim Asili (English, 17:43 min)



Black Power Mixtape

Some of the spoken word albums which are shown in THE INHERITANCE are on Youtube. We compiled them into a playlist.

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