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Following its successful cinema release in November, Guy Maddin’s MY WINNIPEG (Canada 2007) is now available on DVD at Filmgalerie 451 as part of the arsenal edition range and at Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art for 16,90€.

MY WINNIPEG is a somnambulant dream. Whilst working on this autobiography, which is at the same time a biography of the snow-covered city in the Canadian province of Manitoba ("a city just 4 years older than my grandmother"), Maddin found himself back in the house of his childhood. Actors pose in the living room as his brother, sister and the family dog, while his mother remains in the background like a living picture. The new inhabitant of the house, an old woman, doesn’t move from her chair. If you travel to the Winnipeg of the past, the aged present won’t leave your side.

Extras: WINNIPEG ANIMATION by Andy Smetanka

DVD infos
Subtitles: German
Language: English
Running Time: 79 min

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