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In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a group of filmmakers working in the film department of the Ministry of Culture at the time published the magazine CINEMA. This group founded the Sudanese Film Group (SFG) in April 1989 in order to be able to act more independently of the state. Their aim was to be involved in all aspects of film production, screening and teaching and to maintain the Sudanese* passion for cinema. On 30 June 1989, however, the coup, which brought with it a distrust of all forms of art, ended all cultural endeavours. All civil society organisations were banned. In 2005 the firm hand of the state was finally loosened somewhat and SFG was able to register again.

Contains the films:
AFRIKA, DŽUNGLI, BARABAN I REVOLJUCIJA (Africa, The Jungle, Drums and Revolution, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1979, 12 min.), Director: Suliman Elnour
WA LAKIN ALARDH TADUR (It Still Rotates, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1978, 18 min.), Director: Suliman Elnour
AL DHAREEH (The Tomb, Egypt 1977, 16 min.), directed by Eltayeb Mahdi
AL MAHATTA (The Station, Sudan 1989, 15 min.), Director: Eltayeb Mahdi
ARBA’A MARAT LIL ATFAL (Four Times For Children, Sudan 1979, 20 min.), Director: Eltayeb Mahdi
AL HABIL (The Rope, Sudan 1985, 31 min.), Director: Ibrahim Shaddad
JAMAL (A Camel, Sudan 1981, 13 min.), Director: Ibrahim Shaddad
JAGDPARTIE (Hunting Party, German Democratic Republic 1964, 40 min.), Director: Ibrahim Shaddad

Includes a 72-page booklet with texts about the films (English / Arabic)

DVD details
Language: OV
Subtitles: English, Arabic
Length: 174 min.
Image: Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0
Rating: Program information according to §14 JuSchG
Release date: 1.3.2020
Price: 16,90 €

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