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A series of early films by Heinz Emigholz entitled “The Formative Years” are being released as a two DVD set by arsenal edition / Filmgalerie 451 in order to coincide with the exhibition of the same name being shown as part of Forum Expanded at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2010.

Heinz Emigholz’s artistic work explores the area where film and visual art meet. His early films gave significant impetus to the experimental film movement of the 1970s and 1980s and form some of the few experimental works from Germany to have enjoyed long-lasting international recognition.
The Formative Years project visualizes and opens up an area of film history particularly well suited to discussing the many highly topical developments that have arisen from the shift from an analogue world to a digital one.

SCHENEC-TADY I, Germany 1972/73, 40 min, b/w, silent
SCHENEC-TADY II, Germany 1973, 19 min, Color, silent
ARROWPLANE, Germany 1973/74, 24 min, Color, silent
TIDE, Germany 1974, 34 min, b/w, silent
SCHENEC-TADY III, Germany 1972/75, 25 min, b/w, silent

Extras: A 20-page booklet, a filmed interview between Heinz Emigholz und Stefan Grissemann (68 min, german with english subtitles), and series of slides (BROOKLYN BATHROOM PIECE, 1975, Color, 14 min, sound + STAIR PIECE, 1975, COLOR, 5 min, sound)

HOTEL, Germany 1975/76, 27 min, b/w, silent and sound
DEMON, Germany 1976/77, 29 min, b/w and Color, sound

Extras: A 20-page booklet, a filmed interview between Heinz Emigholz and Klaus Wyborny (96 min, german with english subtitles), and series of slides (SCHUHSTÜCK, 1976, b/w, 8 min, sound + TASSENSTÜCK, 1976, b/w, 3 min, sound + WANDSBEK GARTENSTÜCK, 1976, Color, 15 min, sound)

Please see Pym Films / Heinz Emigholz for more information.
Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

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