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The films of Matthias Müller can be read as an unwritten history of German experimental film. In his artistic biography and film aesthetic – from the Super 8 movement in the eighties as well as the genre crossing work with found footage, through the mutual interweaving of analogue and digital image media up to the cinematographic installation – Hollywood cinema, avant-garde and queer cinema are taken apart as much as the radical changes in media and representation technologies in the eighties and nineties – together with the resulting changes in the cinematic landscape, which for him have also opened up to include the art spaces.

Müller’s determined interest in questions of memory, traces of the past and the meaning of historical bodies makes him a central point for the most varied and widely associative reflections.

The authors of this volume trace this outstanding and unique position that lies in the boundary breaking quality constitutive of Müller’s work, continually causing it to reflect back on cinema and to found it anew.

Matthias Müller currently teaches experimental film at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne.

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